An Essential Freelance Skill: SEO Writing

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In the highly competitive online industry today, high online viewership is critical to success. SEO writing is one of the most popular online marketing tools, intended at attracting customer viewership. Let’s have a complete insight on SEO writing in this text.

SEO Writing and Its Significance

The term SEO is an acronym of “Search Engine Optimization.” SEO writing is fundamentally aimed at attracting maximum viewership to maximize profits. As the online industry is getting highly competitive, search engines are playing a major role in getting web traffic to your website and adherence to search engine optimization is critical to ensure success. Companies today are extensively hiring services of SEO writers in order to gain viewership. Hence, SEO writing is becoming a popular source of making extra money anywhere around the world.

SEO writers basically focus on their content. Using several techniques they put out contents in such a way that helps you to bring your articles in the first one or two pages of online search results. SEO articles are keyword focused articles that aim to increase the sales rate and marketing goals to achieve maximum profit. SEO writers see keywords as investments in their articles, as proper use and placement of keywords, will elevate your ranking in the search engines.

The demand for professional SEO writers is soaring in almost every single area of freelance writing. As businesses who wants to generate high sales would like to stand out from their competitors in the online sales and marketing wars, SEO writers can help them attain their goals.

Guidelines to Improve SEO Writing

Listed below are some guidelines to optimize SEO and website usability.

1) Know your customers

Professional SEO writers give first priority to the customers. It is imperative to conduct an extensive research, find out what your customer is actually looking for, what information will he be requiring, and also what words (key words) will he use to search for an article or a product etc. This exercise will help you determine the content as well as the important keywords and links you can use for your article that will not only improve your content quality and also website visibility.

2) Search for effective keywords

To determine effective keywords for your website you can get registered to various online keywords service providers. You can provide those details about the key points, offerings and purpose of your article and find out various effective key words that will help you generate website traffic to your link.

3) Phrases are preferred over single-word keywords

Single words keywords not only encounter too much competition but also are not very valuable, as research shows that customers today are becoming more and more specific to their search in order to save time and effort. For example if you want to offer second hand cheap furniture on your website then try to use key words as ‘cheap second hand furniture’, ‘low cost high quality second hand furniture’, rather than using single word keyword like ‘furniture’.

4) Placement and Usage of keywords

Don’t just load your article with keywords. It is crucial to maintain a balance usage of keywords and should be effectively placed within your article. It is also important to use keyword phrases as headings. Headings play a central part in how the search engines will categorize your site.

5) Linking your page

It is significant to link your website with other related pages. Search engines pay attention to both incoming and outgoing links when ranking the quality of a website. So linking to sites that rank well in search engines can also be effective.


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