How to Write 10 Articles By Lunch Time Today

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I understand that many people think that writing 10 articles a day is a difficult task as it can take countless hours. However, if you know how to write quickly, it may be incorrect.

Articles are a good marketing channel on the internet. It can be freely distributed by various blogs, websites and directories, generating more backlinks and returning traffic to your website. It’s free if you write them yourself, which is very important if you don’t want to write them all day so you know how to write them quickly.

As long as you know the techniques and things you need to prepare and write a helpful article in under 10 minutes, it is absolutely possible. I will share with you some steps to write an article quickly:

1. Plan what to write. This is usually the hardest part, but it can be solved with constant writing and practice. Think about what you will be writing before writing an article. Suppose you want to write 10 articles today. First, create 10 titles for these articles. Then brainstorm and write some key points for each article. This step shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete the process.

2. Start writing. Turn on the word processor and start writing after you have sorted out the title and pointer of each topic. One strategy in writing articles is not to pause and refine them. Keep writing down your thoughts and correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes at the end. When momentum needs to be programmed quickly, momentum is very important.

Time for yourself. The evaluation for writing an article is 10 minutes. In the beginning you can exceed 10 minutes. Do not worry. By writing continuously, you can reduce the time you spend on each chapter. Don’t forget to time yourself and always try to beat your last chance.

4. Write in the form of dots. If you are not familiar with writing, you can try a technique, break your essay into points. By having 2 main paragraphs followed by the main point and conclusion shape, you can certainly get past the 400 word mark, which is ideal for distribution.

Keep these 4 skills in mind and practice writing. Once you are able to produce goods quickly – not just goods, but also goods that can be sold, you can maximize your profit margins because you don’t have to spend money to pay for what others write for you.

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