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Freelance writing is one of the professions where dry spells are only a major part of the industry. However, how long they last depends entirely on you. If you don’t have enough money (or no money at all) to write a job, article marketing is one way to keep coming in.

Want to discover free writing opportunities: start an article marketing campaign

Here’s how I use article marketing and other free content distribution methods to work as a freelance writer.

1. Consistent writing: I write and submit at least one article per week to publish the article catalog for free. There are hundreds on the internet. Just search for “product marketing website” or “product marketing catalog” in Google to start your search.

2. Mass Distribution: To get the most out of your article marketing efforts, it is a good idea to register for article distribution services. what are these? These services will distribute your articles to thousands of newsletter distributors, website owners and other types of media looking for high quality, free content to enrich their publications.

To find one, you just need to search for “Item Distribution Service” on the Internet. This is one way to seamlessly retain new leads from potential freelance writers.

3. Press Release: One thing I want to do is reprogram the content into a short press release and send it to a free press release site (search the internet for “free press release distribution” to find such media.).

I submit these sites as they are often indexed by search engines.

If you “optimize your content for search engines,” when you submit it to a free article marketing and news reporting website, it can rank higher in search engine results for related keyword phrases.

You need to know two things about article marketing and free content distribution to find opportunities for free writing

i) Not a “quick hit”: Just like this it takes time to work, you will not immediately sell through merchandise marketing. This is why in addition to product marketing, you should continue to sell directly to customers.

The great thing about merchandise marketing is that it has generated potential customers for years. Your content will always remain online (unless you delete it), so if you’re writing content to send it to free sales channels (such as article marketing catalogs and press release sites), do your best to be prepared.

ii) Consistently seek a job: You can’t just write a few articles and then expect freelancers to write the job and get you moving forward.

Content marketing (often referred to as this form of marketing) has to be consistent to work.

However, if you work tirelessly, freelance writing can seem “unexpected.” However, this is really not unexpected as potential customers will see your content again and again. Being so present – the kind of content that potential customers need from you – makes it hard for them not to contact you.

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