SEO Writing – Tips to Writing Search Engine-Friendly Articles

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Today, one of the most common problems for product marketers is that they don’t know how to store their products in order not to be ignored. These people spent hours researching and trying to organize the content for their readers, only to realize later that their articles were not being opened and read by the target audience. Usually this happens because their articles are too hard to find online. You will find that even if your articles are very helpful and helpful, online users will not appear in the relevant list every time they perform a Google search, they will not be able to read it. Therefore, try to make your article friendly not only to readers, but also to search engines. This is how you achieve this goal:

Find the best keywords to target. SEO writing should always start with keyword research. Use keyword suggestion tools or keyword trackers provided for free by major search engines. These tools help you find the exact terms and phrases your target audience is using every time they search for information about your product or specific market segment.
Analyze the competitiveness of the keywords you choose. You don’t want to focus too much on overly competitive keywords or keywords targeted by millions of competitors. Doing so will greatly reduce the chances of your article appearing in relevant page search results. Therefore, stick with the same popular but not so competitive products. In addition, choose as many long-tail keywords as possible (keywords with at least 3 words).
Use secondary keywords. Find words that are closely related to the keywords (primary keywords) of your choice and use them in your articles. Called latent semantic indexing, this technology can help you easily convince search spiders that your content is indeed relevant to the keywords you are targeting.
The correct keyword position. Don’t just scatter keywords everywhere. If you put the most important keywords on the title, the first and last sentence of the copy (preferably the first 90 characters / the last 90 characters), and once every 50 words, you can better ensure the ranking of the article. As for your additional keywords, you can use them in any paragraph. Just be sure not to sacrifice the quality and readability of the article while optimizing the article.
Link to your article. Linking to articles can make them more valuable to search engines. You can create links through blogs or websites. It can also help promote your article on forums and social media networks. The more links you create for your copy, the better the page rank you can guarantee for them.

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