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I’ve been in the whole affiliate marketing game for a while now and in the process I’ve learned good information and got a lot of useful ideas. One source of knowledge that I have used and suggested is Stone Evans Dotcomology. It contains all the information you need to know about marketing, from creating a website to useful programs you can use on a daily basis, the mission of making money on the internet

Now, even though I’ve studied affiliate marketing for years, I won’t lie to you, but until recently, I started to seriously use it as a source of future online residual income mainly due to the rigors of day-to-day work. In this article, I want to share some of the suggestions I learned online, as well as tips on how to use the article to help you achieve your affiliate marketing and goals. This is the knowledge I have gained, and I am using my own words, it has not been copied from other sources, so it gives you a unique insight into the entire article and marketing world. Read it, process it, but you never know, there may be things you don’t know or how to do different things.

By reading this book, you already know if you have that article writing is a BIG role in the Marketing game, and it can help you attract people who want to attract your website or blog. However, you may not know how to write an article or get inspiration from it, and some people may not even know why they play such an important role in marketing, be it membership or some other form. Writing articles with original content is also a great way to gain authorship, which can lead to paid jobs.

Content is king:

The content of the article can be anything you want to write from painting and decorating to building a model airplane. Anyway, if you have a good knowledge of a subject, why not write it? Example: Suppose you have a DIY website and you want to send an item to get visitors to your website, or you just want to email it to your existing customer base, hoping that when they finally deliver a product, you can Write an article about painting and decoration, and then you can finally recommend products, services or a group of products. Also in the article you can put product links when you talk about products, and then these links will direct readers to your website or you may be affiliated with website, hope to sell or bring new members to your mailing list. But in the article, you give them knowledge they may not know, and are more likely to give suggestions for recommended products, etc. Remember that when you write an article, you are establishing yourself as an “expert”. Writing on selected topics and articles covers not only business but the pleasure of writing, making it interesting and enjoyable … I know.

Research is an important part of writing:

Whatever you know, the more you know about it, the better and easier it will be. If you don’t know about the great trains of the 50s, you don’t have to write articles about them, which I take for granted. So if you already know it’s a good start, then you already have an idea of ​​what it could contain. Getting more information and ideas will never be harmful, but it will only make the article more valuable to readers. The research process helps to understand what other people are writing and how they write articles, helping you understand the gaps in the market that have not yet been filled. You can visit the following websites:, or, and of course you can research or post the site you are on now, these are just some examples of great article sites. That’s why you’ve done some research on the article site to gain more knowledge, and this is another worthwhile research. You want to write a great article and keep a theme in mind but you can’t get the inspiration you want, try to visit websites like or, these are question and answer sites people can post Questions about any topic, after which other users or experts can answer those questions, this is a great way to see what people want to know and what answers they need. Doing this will give you a sense of the topic you are writing just as you see it yourself. If you do the above, it won’t be difficult to get content inspiration and you’ll soon start laying the groundwork for eye-catching writing.

What’s in the title?

You may not think so, but the title of the article is just as important as the content. Within the title you need to let the person know that reading your article will be the answer to his / her problems. Including one or two keywords is a good thing as well; this is good for search purposes.

The Call To Action:

The call to action is where you let the reader know what he / she can do next. This could be visiting a website or contacting you. This is good to promote that website you own or the blog you would like to gain more exposure for. Putting a resource box at the end of the article will allow readers to visit your site or contact you directly if they have questions. Again this is a great idea to get your name out there for people to see.

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