[Top 20] Profitable Agriculture Startup Ideas In India

money making agriculture startup business ideas in india


India is an agricultural country. Ago Peoples used to visit more and more cities for business. Because technology did not develop in our country a few years ago. Had to work very hard in agriculture. But in a very short period of the current time, we can start the agriculture business in India with modern agriculture machines and applying technologies.

agriculture startup ideas in india
agriculture startup ideas in india

In a model way, you can earn a lot of money by applying agriculture startup ideas in India 😌 You can earn 100% profit by working properly in agriculture, this is the reason that in rising unemployment people want to earn more by doing business by agriculture in a modern way.

If you are likewise attracted to agriculture, then in this post, I am going to give you very profitable agriculture startup ideas in India. If you like these ideas, you can start the business by following. You need good knowledge and skills for agriculture business.

Agriculture startup ideas in India

  1. Fruit Farming
  2. Sunflower farming
  3. Vegetable harvesting
  4. Organic manure
  5. Honey bee production
  6. Dairy farming
  7. Mushroom harvesting
  8. Plant nersury
  9. Flower farming
  10. Coconut oil making
  11. Soybean farming
  12. Spices farming
  13. Aloe vera farming
  14. Potatoes farming
  15. Vermicompost production
  16. Chillie farming
  17. Carrot farming
  18. Poultry Farming
  19. Livestock Feed Production
  20. Seed production
  21. Mustard oil manufacturing

Fruit farming

agriculture startup ideas in india
agriculture startup ideas in india

In India, I suggest you the best fruit farming agriculture startup idea. Because the demand for fruit is always increasing, people like to eat more and more fruits. So fruits are always needed for living life.

After fruit farming, You can export it in different cities by fruit harvesting and earn a good amount of money.

If I tell you, for the last 4 years in Gujarat, a lot of people are doing pomegranate business. I have learned from him that he earns a considerable amount by doing the agriculture business of pomegranate in Gujarat.

Sunflower farmig

Sunflower is an important oilseed harvest, this harvest is also known as cash farming for better profit. The sunflower was first cultivated in the country in 1969 in Uttarakhand. It is an oilseed harvest, that does not have any effect of light on it, it is photosensitive.

Sunflower is one of the early growing harvests, You can start this business and earn money as quickly as possible. Sunflower seeds are very useful. It is very beneficial for health, it has the ability to eradicate diseases like cancer. Meaning you can think about how much demand will be there for sunflower seeds and oil in the country.

Sunflower farming is one of the better agriculture startup ideas in india for you. For make money in a short way.

Vagetable harvesting

Vegetables are becoming very expensive. If I talk about Mumbai, the vegetable is being sold at a price of ₹ 80 kg. And in our country India, people use vegetable more and more for food. That is why you can start earning considerable money by starting a vegetable agriculture business. And you can export vegetable in different cities.

In vegetables such as tomatoes, onion, radishes, etc., you can grow and sell them in the vegetable market. And you can earn good money.

Organic Manure

Due to artificial manure, the farming land is getting worse day by day. Due to artificial manure, the capacity to grow crops in the land is decreasing. In such a situation, it is very important to use organic manure to increase the ability to grow the land crop and to keep balance.

There are some special methods of making organic manure, which you can find out by searching the Internet. By making organic fertilizer, you can sell in packets and start a good startup.

For start organic manure agriculture business in India. You need some land to produce manure. You need skills such as, how to make organic manure. May need more investment in this business. After starting this business can earn a lot of money. So manure production is also one of the best agriculture startup ideas in india

Honey bee farming

agriculture startup ideas in india
agriculture startup ideas in india

Honey bee agriculture startup ideas is also very profitable. The need for honey is very high, it is very beneficial to health, so it’s demand is more and more in every area.

That is why you can prepare honey by bee farming. From bee farming also get wax, the demand for which is very large for making candles. You also need land in beekeeping. Required machine required. It is important to have knowledge of beekeeping agriculture. There is also a need for investment in this business.

Dairy farming

Like Honey Bee Farming, it is also a very high profit-making business. Here you have to do the dairy industry, which also requires more investment. Due to the increasing demand for milk, you can earn a lot of money by doing this business.

Here, you have to buy cow or buffalo and export their milk in the market. Or you can also make useful items like milk cheese, butter, chocolate, ghee etc. This can be easily done in areas like business villages.

Mushroom harvesting

There are many benefits of eating mushrooms, that’s why people like to eat mushrooms more. And the price of mushrooms is also very high, if you go to buy in the market, then you get around ₹ 80 kg of mushroom. If you do a mushroom business, you can earn a lot of money monthly.

To do the mushroom agriculture business, you must have a good knowledge of growing mushrooms. And a little investment is also necessary. With this, you can easily start a mushroom agriculture business in india.

Plant nursery

The new generation loves small plants, such as flowering plants, medicine plants, plants useful for worship. Most of the people in the city use plants for decoration. In the function, people decorate the plant, thus the plant is useful separately. And you can earn a lot by doing a plant nursery business.

To do plant nursery agriculture business, you need to have knowledge of growing plants. It is also necessary to have high-quality seeds, soil etc. There is a need to invest a lot more in this agriculture business. But you can also start with less investment in the beginning. You can grow plants and sell plants in the market. I also wrote an article on how to start plant nursery business India. You can read from this link also

Flower farming

Everyone likes flowers, Flowers is useful in making perfume, in puja, a rose like a flower is useful to give to someone. In this way, each type of flower has different usage. If you make a small flower farm and sell the flower, you can earn good money

Coconut oil making

agriculture startup ideas in india
agriculture startup ideas in india

The use of coconut oil is most useful in head oil. Coconut trees do not grow in every region of India, but in some near sea expanses, coconut trees are very abundant. If you are also one of those expansions, then you can earn a lot by starting coconut oil making factory

Before starting this agriculture business you need to arrange raw materials such as coconut. Apart from this, necessary machines and other means are also required for extracting oil. Much more investment is needed.

Soybean production

Soybean is replete with proteins. Apart from this, items like soybean mess oil, soybean cheese are made. The demand for soybeans in the city always increases. That means you can earn a very good income by starting the soybean agriculture business.

You can earn good money making soybean items and selling in the market. So the soybean agriculture business ideas are profitable for us. Soybean farming is also one has best agriculture startup ideas in India.

Spices farming

There is a very need for spices in India, such as in cooking, making tea, so the demand for spices increases in the country. In this way, if you farming of spices, you can earn good money. You can harvest spices like chilli, ginger, turmeric, fenugreek etc.

If you do spice production business and make small packets of its spices and sell them in the market, then there can be huge profits. Apart from this, you can also sell spices in the vegetable market.

Aloe vera farming

Given the growing demand for aloe vera, its business can prove to be very profitable. You can trade aloe vera in two ways, one by cultivating it and the other by applying a machine for its juice or powder. Aloe vera is used in herbal, cosmetic products, juices and pharmaceutical companies, etc. The profit margins are high as it costs less in production. Aloe vera is very popular worldwide due to its miraculous properties. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as it has antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Aloe vera is very easy to cultivate. If you have the knowledge to produce aloe vera, then by producing aloe vera, you can start a very good agriculture business and earn a good amount. So this one of the best agriculture startup ideas in India

Vermi compost production

Due to the use of chemical fertilizer in the ground, there is a possibility of the land getting spoiled, that land slowly produces very little, so it has become very important for us to use vermicompost. Farmers are gradually adding vermicompost to their farms. In such a situation, if you produce vermicompost compost and sell it to the farmers, then you can earn a good amount.

The demand for vermicompost fertilizer is always high for farmers. Because fertilizer is needed before growing every crop. You can make high-quality fertilizers and sell them. So this business is also one of the best agriculture startup ideas in India. You must first understand the method of making vermicompost manure.

Chilies farming

Chilli is the most important spice for cooking. Meaning, its demand always keeps increasing. Doing business with red and green chillies will be very beneficial. By producing red and green chillies, you can earn more money in a very short time. Green chillies can be dried and powdered and sold in the market in packets. Even if the green chilli stays for a long time, it will not give you any harm. Because after drying you can make powder.

Potatoes farming

Everyone likes this vegetable that is not perishable. Potatoes are sold the most in the market. And the demand for potato is always high. Apart from this, potatoes are made in different items, such as chips, parathas, vegetables etc. If you can produce and sell potato in the vegetable market, you can also make potato chips and sell it in the market.

The highest number of potato production is in the district of Deesa in Gujarat. If you also know how to grow potatoes, you can start a very good agriculture business by harvesting potatoes.

Carrot farming

Carrot is an important root-vegetable crop. Carrot is cultivated all over India. Carrots are used both raw and cooked. Carrots contain carotene and vitamin A, which is very beneficial for the human body. The amount of carotene in orange colour carrots Excessive. nutrients are found in green leaves of carrots, such as protein, minerals and vitamins, etc., which benefit when feeding animals. It is said that the green leaves of carrots are used to make fodder for chickens. Carrots are mainly grown in Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.

Meaning that if you also start the agriculture business by harvesting carrots, then you can earn a very good income. You have land, then you can start the carrot farming agricultural business which requires some machines and necessary resources with a little investment

Last Words 💬 🆒

If you start agriculture business in modern way, use high quality seeds for farming, and you have good knowledge of agriculuture then you can achieve 100% success in agriculture business.

I have given you very good money making agriculture startup ideas in India. You can start an agriculture startup by following them.

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