Best Blogging Platforms  (Create Blog)

Best Blogging Platforms (Create Blog)

There are many blogging platforms available today to create a blog, through which you can create a great and good looking blog in minutes. We are not telling about all the blogging platforms here, but are giving information about some popular blogging tools. With the help of which you can also setup a blog easily.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress
  3. Wix
  4. Meduim
  5. Tumblr
  6. Squarespace
  7. Weebly
  8. Ghost
  9. LiveJournal
  10. Typepad
  11. Quora
Blogger is a free blogging tool from Google, with the help of which you can start your blog by investing 0 rupees. Through this tool you only have to spend money for the domain name (only if you use a custom domain). Do not spend a single rupee for the rest of hosting, SSL etc. With this, you can easily get blogger blog monitored by Adsense. But in customization, you have to adjust a bit.

WordPress is also a free blogging tool for bloggers, through which you can create a blog with full control in minutes. Yes yes Through this platform, you can create a blog that works 100 percent according to you. From personal blogs to corporates are also using this tool to launch their business website.

WordPress is today the engine of a third of websites. Through this you can also get free themes with full customization facility. And to add additional features, plugins can be used.

However, to create a blog on this platform, you have to spend money for hosting expenses with domain name, SSL certificate, themes & plugins (if there is a pad version) etc.

There are two versions of WordPress. One is and the other is We have talked about the earlier here ie It is absolutely free but the second one is the premium version for which you will have to pay a fee.

If you are knowledgeable about technology and want to create a great design blog, then Wix ( can help you. With the help of Vix’s site builder, you can design a personal blog, business website, e-commerce platform etc. without coding. But the problem with this tool is only money, you can install a custom domain. But, for this you will have to pay some fee every month. Only then you can apply Google Analytics code, remove the Wix Brading logos.

If you just want to spread your ideas to the people, then Medium ( will be the perfect choice for you. Because you do not need to set anything. You can start blogging just by creating a medium account.

Tumblr is also another popular blogging, microblogging and social media platform. Through which you can create your own blog. However, you do not get complete control over it.

Squarespace is also another site building tool through which you can create a blog without coding and can customize the available themes and decorate them accordingly. You can also start an e-commerce storefront on this platform.

Weebly is also a website builder tool similar to Vix, with the help of which you can create your own free blog (weebly Suddomain). But to add the domain name, you will have to buy a premium plan. Only then you will be able to add custom domain.

If you have extra money and can afford the extra budget of premium service, then Ghost is for you. Otherwise you stay on WordPress and use it because it is also a service like WordPress. Which you can install on your server and create a site.

but. Its problem is that it works only on VPN Hosting. Installing it below it is like feeling a stab at the foot.

Live Journal is a mix of a blogging platform and social media platform. Through which you can create a blog with common features and connect with other people like you, send them private messages, make your own community. If you want to upload images or add some additional features, then be ready to empty the pockets.

TypePad is also a self-hosting version of WordPress and a pure blogging platform towards Ghost. Through which you can start your own blog. But for this you will have to pay from the beginning because it does not distribute bailout means there is no free plan.

Quora Blog
You read it right You can also make a blog on By the way, Quora is a question and answer website. But your own blog can also be made on Kora. Which will look something like this. And most free blogging platforms offer sub-domains only in the free plan.

Social media platforms
You can also blogging on social media platforms. Tweeter is the known name for microblogging. Your thoughts can also be expressed to people through Facebook, LinkedIn etc. And the special thing about these platforms is that you do not have to spend a single rupee. However, you cannot get social media content monitored and its control is also not in your hands. So start blogging here only for the purpose of connecting with people. Otherwise it is better not to waste time.

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