Best 10 Business Ideas to start in village

best business in village area


Business ideas for village

The largest expansion of India is in the village. People live in villages more than a city. Some people love the village very much, so they do not like to go to the city, or if they are alone at home then they cannot go to the city. So he thinks how to start a business sitting in the village. So I am going to share best business ideas for village

Business ideas for village
Business ideas for village

So friends, let me tell you that you can do a very good business in the village too. And you can earn a lot more money. Like the city, you can start a manufacturing business in the village, and export their products to the city. And you can earn a lot more.

So, let me give you some of the best business ideas that you can start from the village very easily.

  1. Bricks manufacturing
  2. Vegetable farming
  3. Milk dairy farm
  4. Pomegranate harvesting
  5. General store
  6. Constructions
  7. Two-wheeler garage
  8. Small hotel or Dhaba
  9. Mushroom harvesting
  10. Online service centre
  11. Farming
  12. Gymnasium

Bricks manufacturing business

Bricks manufacturing Business ideas
Business ideas for village

Bricks manufacturing business is the best business for the village or rural area. This business can start with less investment in the village. How to make bricks? You should be aware of this. If you do not know about how to make bricks, then you should learn the tricks of making bricks from an experienced person.

Friends, new houses, buildings, shops, walls are built every day. People like to live in strong houses. In such a situation, the demand for bricks is always increasing, Then you can start a factory of bricks making. you can earn good money. You need more space for the bricks factory, which is easily available in the village

Vegetable small farming

As long as the human is alive, they will always need a vegetable. That is why you can grow vegetables on a small farm in the village and sell them at a good price in the market.

Vegetables such as tomato, brinjal, ladyfinger etc and more can be grown and sold in the market. And can also earn a lot of money.

Friends, everyone has a little land in the village, and he can do good business by growing vegetables on some land.

Milk dairy (Milk dairy farm)

May be Everyone has a buffalo and a cow in the village, if not, they can buy cows or buffaloes. It is necessary to produce milk for starting dairy of milk.

Small packets of milk, such as half a litre, litre, can be made and sold in the city. Or you can earn a good amount from the village by collecting more milk and supplying more and more from the village. So this the best business in village.

Pomegranate harvesting

Business ideas for village
Business ideas for village

Pomegranate is very good for health, that is why people like to eat more and more. And its grains are very attractive like diamonds. And in the city they are sold in very high prices. If you have some land in the village, then pomegranate can be harvested.

But in pomegranate harvesting, you have to wait for some time. Pomegranate starts on plants after three to four years. By selling pomegranate fruit in the market, a very good startup can be done from the village.

General store

In the village, people have to go to the city to get small things. That is why if you open a good general store in the village, it can be of great benefit. In the general store, you can sell all kinds of things, which will be more and more useful in the village. People will also benefit from this, and you will also earn a lot.

This business requires investment. You can sell products of every type in general stores, such as grocery products, vegetable, electric products etc.


Constructions require more space to hold the material. Therefore, it can be done easily in a business village or rural area. In the village too, big houses are built or in the city, the goods can be sent through a construction business. Here you have to sell materials like stone, Cement, pipes Etc

But to do this business, you need to invest a bit more. It is also necessary to have trucks to deliver goods like stone, cement etc

Two wheeler Garage

Garage Business ideas in rural area
business ideas for village

Friends, if you start a business from the village in the current time, then the garage can be a very good business. Here you can get started in very less investment, you must need the skill of repairing a bike. Or you can learn by going to any garage. After that, you can open a garage in your village. And you can earn well.

Everyone in the village also has a two-wheeler bike. Bike care is also important to do. That is why the garage is needed for bike service. So this is one of the best business ideas in village

Small hotel or Dhaba

If the main road, the national highway is passing out from your village then this business can prove very beneficial. Vehicles coming out of the highway, trucks and people resort to hotel and Dhaba to eat and drink. You can earn good money by making a small hotel in the village.

Mushroom Harvesting

Mushroom Business ideas for village
Best business ideas in village

Mushroom has many benefits. Mushrooms are expensive in the market. To grow mushrooms, the land is required, which will be easily available in the village or rural area. You can earn a lot by doing the Mushroom Harvesting Business.

Online Service Center

You can earn very good money in India vilaages by offering online servives such as Aadhar card, Pan card, opening bank account, insurance service etc

People of the village need to go to the city for this type of online service. If it is started in the work itself, then you can earn good money. Online tools are required for this business. Apart from this, you must have knowledge of online works.

Last words…

India has the most rural expansion. In this way, you can start business even without going to the city. Friends, apart from land, electricity and water are also needed for business. Which is available in devolped India.

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