Best business ideas to start for women in india


Business / Startup ideas for women

Ladies are also able to do a startup with less investment. So I am going to share with you information about profitable low investment business ideas for women in this post.

Business ideas for women
Business ideas for women

There are many Startup. In today’s digital time, everyone can earn money very easily. A woman sitting at home can also earn money. In particular, in business, you needed business skills and some investment. With good skills, you can get grow your business own mind.

I found some best business ideas for Indian ladies. They can do less investment business near their home and also in the home. Read start for good startup ideas.

Sewing business from home

Business ideas for women
Business ideas for women

Today’s time has become a fashion time. People wear different types of fashionable clothes, so if you do the work of sewing clothes then you can earn very good money.

like school dress, ladies wear, children wear, menswear etc. The people of your neighbourhood contact you to do the sewing and pay the money for sewing, so it is very famous for a small startup housewife.

You must have a sewing skill for this startup. If your stitching is good, then you will get more and more orders. And there will be maximum income. You also need some investment in this business.

Best sewing machine, essential parts of machine, clothes, thus you can start this business very easily around 10 to 20 thousand investment.


  • Improve stitching skills
  • Buy stitch machine
  • Hire place for stitching
  • Start this business by getting orders

Cloth (Costume) on rent

Costume on rent business
Business ideas for women

Startup housewives can make less investment by rent on clothes (costume). There is no need to learn any more skills for this business. Here, once you invest, you can earn on a single investment for a long time.

You can rent the costumes. There are functions in school. They need different costumes. You can earn good money by rent the costumes.

For example, you have the clothes of Gandhiji’s costumes, you can give costumes for hire, as soon as there is a function, there is a function in the school, and the children need Gandhiji’s dress, they will contact you. And you can rent that dress and take its asking price, which can take from 300 to 500 per day per costume dress

Here you need to invest. Once you can buy different costumes and keep them on rent. You need marketing of costumes shop in starting.


  • Hire place for costume shop
  • Buy costume
  • Marketing of your costume shop
  • Add shop in search engines (Peope search- costume shop near me)


Reselling business ideas for women
Reselling business ideas for women

There is no need to invest in reselling business. And this business can do at home. You can do this business online from your mobile. This business has been a very successful business in 2019 itself and many people have earned money through this business.

Reselling can do student or a housewife sitting at home. This business is very easy and can be done online, I have already written a very good article on this business, which you can read very easily from the link given below.

Such as Meesho and Glowroad online company give ladies to opportunities to do small business from home. With which you can join and start your reselling business. There is no need to invest a single rupee to join this company, you can join for free, which is an online business.


  • Download reselling app (Meesho etc.)
  • Get information about this business
  • Be active on social media
  • Sell products on WhatsApp, Facebook and more other online platforms.

Papad making business

Business ideas for women

Friends, we all know how papad is famous! People use papad to prepare food as quickly as possible. And some people find papad very dear and tasty, so the housewife sitting at home can earn a very good income by doing the business of papad.

Here, the first thing to learn is how to make papad. After that to prepare papad. You can make papad and sell it in the market. You can make customer grocery shops for sale papads, You can always do the best business by providing papad.

This business requires investment. Because, for making papad, papad making machine, flour and spices, rice and more items are required.


  • Improve the skill of papad making
  • Hire place for make papads
  • Select the name of your papad brand
  • Buy papad making machine
  • Make papad and sell

Home tuition

Tuition business ideas for women
Tuition business ideas for women

This work can be done by a housewife, if you have a good degree, such as a teacher, but you do not want to work outside, you can also sit at home and do tuition. And can earn money. Nowadays everyone pays attention to tuition to making their child smart and clever. In such a situation, you can start a good startup by taking tuition for the children around you.

This is a very good way. You can teach small children who go to study in first or second class. You can teach the children of your locality or your building sitting at home and earn money by taking their fees.


  • First, get a degree of teaching
  • Hire place for tuition and also start at your home


Blogging is a very good way of the online startup. Everyone can do blogging. This online business is capable of housewives. In this work you have to start a blog, articles have to be written on the blog started. As soon as the blog is famous, the money is earned by monetizing the blog.

Housewives can write articles on a niche such as cooking, fashion, designing. It is necessary to have a laptop or smartphone for this startup. Along with this article writing skill also has importance.


  • Learn about blogging
  • Buy laptop or smart phone
  • Start a blog
  • Do SEO and get traffic on blog
  • Monetize blog and earn


Freelancing business wor women
Freelancing business ideas for women

If you have a good skill, such as creating apps, or doing search engine optimization, writing articles, you can start working on a website like fiver and upwork. May be the best start up for a lady. Along with housework, freelancing can also be done very easily.

It is necessary to have a laptop or smartphone to do this work.


  • Visit best freelancing websites
  • Create an account
  • Add skills in freelancing profile
  • Get orders and make money

Last words…

The most important skills and investment for the business. lady is able to startup with little investment. I hope you have liked this article. If you have such business ideas, then you can share with us.


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