Difference between laptop and desktop

Difference between laptop and desktop

In today’s modern times, as technology is increasing, there has been a difference in technology with humans. Looking at the use of

What is a laptop?
A laptop (also called a notebook) is a computer that uses battery or AC-powered hours. Unlike desktops, laptops can be easily carried and used until the battery is low.

However, there are power units for phones and laptops in public places that can be used almost anywhere.

Laptops come in different sizes with different features. Like the desktop, the type of computer depends on the needs of the consumer.

The laptop has a built-in monitor, a keyboard, and a touch screen (or trackball). External peripherals can be connected by various cable connections depending on what ports are provided by the manufacturer. In fact, the laptop can be used as a fully functioning unit without any connected devices and power.

today’s technological devices, they are changing according to convenience. Let’s talk about desktops and laptops today.

Difference between laptop and desktop –
1) Laptop is portable while desktop is not. That is, you can easily bring the laptop from one place to another, but not the desktop.

2) There is a great difference in the price of desktops and laptops with similar characteristics and utility. Desktops are much cheaper than laptops.

3) In the desktop, the keyboard, mouse, CPO, monitor are all different which are connected with the help of wire. While the laptop is already available to us as a product.

4) Charger facility is provided in laptop which can be used by charging like mobile but no such facility is provided in desktop. As long as you have to use the desktop, having electricity is mandatory. Yes, with the help of UPS, we can use it for 10 to 15 minutes without electricity so that the necessary data can be saved.

5) Desktop can increase both internal and external harddisk, but in laptop only the storage capacity can be increased with the help of external hard disk.

6) We can get the desktop assembled according to our requirement. While the laptop is available according to the company.

7) Lasts longer than a desktop laptop. The laptop has to be used carefully. Laptop is very sensitive.

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