How to make your own blog

How to make your own blog

Creating a blog is now a matter of minutes. There is no need for you to learn programming, buy a computer or laptop and get training from a college or institution. Because you do not need all these things to create a blog, with the help of blogging tools you can also create your blog and publish the first post in minutes.

To create a blog, you will need to do the following.

Domain Name
SSL Certificate
Some Knowledge

Domain Name This will be the name of your blog. That is, is a domain name, similarly you will also have to buy a domain name for your blog. Which you can buy from domain registrar for less than one thousand rupees

To connect to the internet, we need an internet connection and a computer that can live for 24 hours. Such a computer is provided to us by web hosting companies. Where our blog content and other essential tools and content store resides.

In hosting, we get a computer called a server. On this server we install blogging tools (such as WordPress) and connect the domain name and hosting to each other. After this work is done, our blog is almost ready.

SSL Certificate
It was not needed in the early days of blogging. However, due to its increasing influence and commercialization, it started being used to earn money illegally and steal the personal information of the users. These incidents were more likely to increase due to e-commerce. Therefore it became mandatory for all the sites to install SSL Certificate. If you also want to create a blog, then install Secure Sockets Layer Certificate with domain name and hosting.

If you have these three things, then you can start a blog using Internet and computer knowledge and common sense. You can learn more about how to create a free blog by reading this guide. In this guide, we have told to make a free blog.

Advantages of Blog

Freedom of expression – You can express your own personal views through the blog on any topic. There is no stopping you. Nor does anyone have control over you, just write these parameters in mind. Because no editor is going to order you here.

That’s why journalists, politicians, social activists, students are sharing their things in addition to ordinary people by taking the help of blogs. Things that you cannot write on newspapers, magazines, news sites, you can express them openly here.

Means of making money – Blog has become a new means of earning money. Like we mentioned above, hundreds of thousands of people are blogging for their livelihood. that is very true. Because blogging has immense potential to make money. All it takes is a blogger to use it correctly and in the right direction.

College students are arranging their college fees through part time blogging, office workers are earning extra money through this. Professional people like photographers, graphic designers, singers, dancers, web designers etc. are sharing their skills. Affiliates with corporates are earning commissions.

The way to create a personal brand – if you have a talent and if you are identified with this skill then you can choose blogging as your medium. Because the Internet has access to millions of people. So you can reach more people in less time. Here people can learn their skills, can give information about their new works.

To get knowledge – to write a blog you have to go into the depth of the subject and while doing research you can think on a topic from new dimensions. Because different people get to read different expressions. Therefore, if you want to become expert in any subject, you can definitely become this by blogging.

in next article I will suggest you best platform for blog

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