How to play live tv on your laptop or pc

How to play live tv on your laptop or pc

The JIO TV app is an app that allows you to watch your favorite TV channels and shows for free. JIO TV app has more than 350 free channels in addition to more than 40 free HD channels which make this app special. Jio has taken great care of the entertainment of its users through this app, under which you can watch the shows of the favorite TV channel of the last 7 days, it has been made for a feature, so that the user can view their TV shows according to their convenience Can continue to enjoy With this, this app has been made with more than 10 languages ​​so that all users can use it.

JIO TV app features
You can entertain yourself anytime with JioTV
You can watch a particular program for 7 days from the broadcast.
This application is supported with various languages.
Play or Pause your favorite programs as per your convenience.
You can set a reminder to watch your favorite program on JioTV
Like youtube, you can also reduce the picture quality of your TV channel.
Although it has a lot of features, but it is made only for Android, so it is run in Android Mobile only. By the way, there is no smile in the world of internet, if you want to run Jio TV in your PC or laptop, then you can run it perfectly. So let’s know how to do it

How to play JIO TV in your laptop or PC
jio tv on pc

BLUSTACK is a program that gives you complete freedom to run Android app in your computer. It is a free program that can install any Android app, however there are many similar programs in the Internet that you can use Android App on your laptop. Can run, but this program is the most popular and very simple. So you can download this program from its official website and install it. When you go to this website, you have to click on download here, after this the program will start downloading automatically. The size of this program is 317 MB.

First install the BlueStacks program on your PC
After this program is open, search by typing JioTV in the search box of Playstore.
jio tv on pc

After this, the app of JIO TV will come. Similarly, you can install other applications as well.
Now click on JioTV app, now it will download like Playstore
Now you can install it and open it.
After this you can open it completely by entering your live number and password.
Now you can watch your favorite channels and shows on your computer.
In this program, you can also install the Save Android app in your computer, meaning you do not even need to download it, if you want, you can transfer all the apps of your mobile to your computer. After this, you can install it in the computer one by one.

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