How to sell Products? Offline and Online

Best tips on how to to sell products online and offline


Friends, You start business, but the most important thing is how to sell the products? Everyone has different skills of selling products for business.

You have to do product marketing, and you have to adopt some tips and methods in order to sell the products of the shop that you make. With the help of which you can sell your product as much as possible.

How to sell products

How to sell products
How to sell products

Keep quality in products: To sell your product as much as possible, it is important to keep the quality of the product good. When the quality of our products is excellent, customers like it more and visit the shop to buy it again and again. Therefore try to sell as many good qualitiy products as possible.

Marketing of products: To inform people what is your shop and what are your products, marketing of the product is necessary. You can also do marketing online and offline. Now in online time you can take support of Facebook and Instagram and other platforms.

Chit chat with customers: The product does not sell due to standing upright. Whenever the customer comes, You have to talk to him. If the customer does not like the product, You have to make choice through chit-chat. And clear words should be used for sell products.

Maintain Relationship: Once the customer visits your shop, maintain the relationship by giving a business card, or in some other way.

How to sell product online

How to sell products
How to sell products

You can also sell the products online of the shop you have made. There is many online marketplace available in India from where you can add your product online and reach the customer online.

Best online platrorms to sell products free

  • Facebook marketplace
  • OLX
  • Quicker
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook page
  • Instagram
  • Amazon

Facebook market place: If i tell you, The best way to sell and marketing the product from your shop to the most customers is, this is the Facebook marketplace. I liked this method better because here you do not have to pay any money to use this platform

You can add your product by going to the marketplace option of Facebook, as soon as someone sees your product, and if they like it, then they contact you directly. And you can easily get them curior and take online payment. Or you can call your shop.

OLX: Like Facebook, OLX is also a great online product selling platform. Here you can create an account for free and listing your product, as soon as someone likes your product, he will contact you directly through your OLX, and will ask for details for the product. OLX is a great way to sell online product free.

Quicker: Like Olx, Quicker is also a very trusted website to sell and buy products online. More and more old products are sold on this website, but you can also listing your new products in quicker. And you can sell more and more products through quicker.

Whatsapp: Friends, by increasing business, whatsapp is a very good messenger. Through the whatsapp business, you can put the entire detail of the business in the whatsapp profile. Apart from this, your peoducts can be marketing through whatsapp messeges.

Facebook page: Create a Facebook page, promote products there. If your page has more followers then there will be a lot of benefit. You can sell your products online as much as possible through the facebook page.

Amazon: Selling products on Amazon is not free at all. On this platform you have to pay some charge. You can earn good money by selling the product with amazon.

Last words…

So friends, offline and online both ways, we can sell more and more products. If the place of shop is not right, and customers are coming very less, then you can also sell products online.

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