How to start a profitable blog to make money online

Hello friends, You can earn very good online by making a blog, so today I am going to tell you in this post how to start a blog? How to create a blog? And how to set up that blog? And how to earn money online? So to know this kind of complete information, read this post completely.

How to start a profitable blog to make money online
How to start a profitable blog to make money online

Friends, there are many ways to earn money online. Making money by making a blog is also the best way. That is why it has become necessary to make a blog to earn money online. If you have the skill to write blogs and make blogs, then you can earn very good online.

But new bloggers make a lot of mistake in blog starting. That is why they get failure. Today, I will guide you very well on how to start a profitable blog.

How to start a blog?

Before starting the blog, we should have some basic information.

  • 👉First of all, Choose the category – On which niche you want to work. You can write according to your experience.
  • 👉By domain name: Buy the name of your blog.
  • 👉Buy hosting: Installing your blog website and collecting data. Which one has to buy for blog setup.
  • 👉Choose blogging platform: WordPress and,
  • 👉Monatize your blog: Monatize blog website to earn money

Select niche

Friends, to make a profitable blog, we have to like Niche. There is a lot of competition to earn money by creating blogs in 2019 and 2020, so you have to very carefully like the profitable niche for a profitable blog website. Which can give you maximum money?

Absolutely select low competition and high search niche. To use the keyword or niche with high search volume and low competition, you have to use some tools paid or free

Many tools are available free and paid for Keyword research. Like ubersuggest, google keyword planner both these tools are free. Ahref tool is paid. If you want to find a very good keyword, then use Ahref.

Buy domain name

Friends, for earning online, we need to buy a powerful domain name to create a profitable blog website. A good domain name can help us in getting our website ranked very well. Here I will help you to buy the domain name.

Before buying a domain name, you have to keep in mind that, which is your blog niche? Which category do you want to write on? As if you want to write about business, if you have a lot of business ideas, then you buy only the domain name business-related, such as

Friends, do not use domain name free like .tk, .ml, these free domains cannot give us profit. To make a good blog, we have to buy the top level domain. You can buy .com, .net, .org, .in.

Friends, this top-level domain can help us very well to rank our website in search engine. Because without ranking our website traffic will not come, and without traffic, we can never make money. So, to make our website grow as quickly as possible, buy a profitable and powerful domain name.

Very similar website is available to buy domain name. Such as You can buy from this kind of websites.

Choose website platform blogger or wordpress

Friends, a lot of platforms are available to make a blog website. Among them WordPress and are famous. Here you can create your blog website. is Google’s program. Which provides us with the facility to create a website or blog website. We can easily make our blog website here. We do not incur any charges for using We can use absolutely free and connect to our top-level domain. And you can start the website by putting blog posts.

On you can also start a blog without a domain. Here you are given a free subdomain in starting. Like

You can easily start a blog in 10 minutes by login with your gmail id in


WordPress is a very good website making platform. You do not need to do any coding here either. You can setup wordpress very easily. But here you need to invest.

You incur some charges Only then you can set up WordPress. To set up WordPress you have to buy hosting. Only after purchasing hosting, you can install WordPress and you can add your top-level domain in hosting. And start your website. You can buy from platforms like GoDaddy, big rock, HostGator.

As soon as you buy hosting, you can install WordPress from Control panel (c-panel). Which is very easy.

Which is better or wordpress

Friends, you can start your website on any of the two platforms here. But I will suggest you to make a website on WordPress. Because in this era of competition, we need a lot of search engine optimization (SEO). Which we can do very easily in WordPress. And the look of the website can also make it very good in WordPress. While has very limited features. And we have a lot of difficulty in doing SEO. No plugin is supported. While on WordPress we can use unlimited plugins.

As if you have to do SEO, you can also install WordPress plugin for SEO called Yoast. And that plugin is very helpful for you in doing search engine optimization. Apart from this, you can use many features through WordPress. Therefore, I will give you the suggestion of WordPress itself. If you do not have much money, then low price hosting is also available on the online platform.

Make attractive look of your blog

We have to give the best look of the created blog. Theme setup has to be done for the best look. If your blog is on WordPress, then there are very good themes in the theme option of WordPress, which you can setup.

If you have started a blog on, then for best look you have to download the theme. With gooyaabitemplate, you can download free themes for the blogger. And you can upload on your blog.

The theme is very important for the blog website. It is important to be blog reader-friendly and attractive.

Grow your blog

In this way, you create your blog website, but now it comes to know how to grow your website? How did it bring more and more visitors? So for that also I tell you some steps that you can grow your website as much as possible by following them.

Write articles

If your blog website is empty, there is no article on it, then no visitor will like to visit it, so start writing articles on the website of your selected niche (Like- Education, Technology, health etc). Write an article every day and always write the article in very easy language. So that the visitor can read the article you have written very easily and always try to visit.

Add in search engines

One has to add his website to different search engines. Because it is very important to get the traffic up your website through the search engine. So add your website to,, such search engine. Adding a website is very easy.


It is very important to do search engine optimization (SEO) of the blog website created. Because your website will get top rank in the search engine, then maximum traffic can come. That is why we have to do search engine optimization to get maximum traffic to your website. You can watch YouTube videos to do search engine optimization. Or by searching on, you can also know how to rank any website? If your website is on WordPress then you can download the plugin named Yoast. Which can help you a lot in search engine optimization?

Share on social network

Friends, we have to share the blog website on different social platforms. And a link to our website has to be added. In this way, you will get a lot of help in getting search engine ranking. You can share the link to your website articles on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. And more and more social networks can also bring traffic to your website.

Monetize your blog

Now it comes to how to earn money from a blog created? So to earn money from blogs, we have to monetize our blog website from any ad network. The best ad network is called Adsense and With these two networks, you can monetize your website. But they have some policy. In view of the policy of Adsense, make changes in your website and apply your website for monetization. As soon as your blog website gets monetized, you can run an advertisement on your website, and earn money. The more visitors, the more your advertisement will click up and earn more and more money.

How to make money from blog

To earn money from blogs, you can advertise trusted adnetwork like AdSense. Therefore, first, you have to apply for Adsense. As soon as your blog website is approved, you can place ads and earn money.

Apart from Adsense, you can also earn money. Like affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can earn money by selling products of any online selling companies on your blog.


Blog start should be done with basic information. And after getting good traffic, you should monetize. In this way, you can earn money online by making a blog. Which is easy. Friends, I have told you the complete method of making blogs. By adopting which you can start a blog.

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