How to make money with google admod


How to make money with google Admod

Like Google AdSense, Google admod is also a program of Google. Just like we put on AdSense’s advertising website and YouTube, we can also put admod’s advertising on mobile app. By advertising Google admod on mobile app, we can earn money sitting at home. So today I am going to talk about how to make money with google admod.

How to make money with admod
How to make money with admod

Friends, there are many ways to earn money online, from which you can earn maximum money. We can also use admod to earn money online like online business.

What is Admod

I have already told that admod is also an adnetwork like adsense. You can advertise admod on mobile app. You must have seen advertisements on mobile apps many times. So it is mostly advertised through google admod. The most famous app is truecaller, which shows the name of a mobile phone when it comes call from a new number. So below the ad banner of truecaller, we see an advertise that is from google admod.

Everyone can use Google admob. We must have a mobile app.

How to use Admod for make money

You can use Admod only if you have an android app. If you are an app devloper then you can make yourself a professional app. Or you can also buy the app. Apart from this, you can also make normal app in free.

There are many platforms available for making apps in Free. Such as appsgeyser. You can easily make a mobile application for free from appsgeyser website. Which you can create by visiting appsgeyser’s official website. We do not need to be coding to create a mobile app from appsgeyser. With absolutely simple steps we can create a normal app. Such as photoeditor etc.

After creating or purchasing an app, we have to create an account in admod. The ad code of admod has to be applied in the app. This way advertise starts on the app.

How to make money with admod

How much you can earn with Admod

Friends, if clicks on advertise of the imposed by admod, then the app owner gets the money. Therefore it is important that the user of the app be more. The higher the click, the more you earn. If the is not clicked to advertise, then you do not get a money So increase the users of the app created earlier.

To increase the users of the app, we have to add the app to the playstore. Anyone will be able to download your app through the playstore. And users of the app will also increase. And in this way, earnings will also increase.

Benefits of earn from Admod

👉Earning money from Admod is the easiest. Because we do not have to make much effort in it. Only app creation has to be done.

👉With Admod we can do jobs from home.

👉Admod is google’s program. That is why we can trust admod very easily.

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If you are an app creator then admod will help a lot in making money. However, you should buy the app and use admod. Which can be the best part time work for you. Along with the job, you can also earn extra. So frined, I hope you liked this post on how to make money with admod 😊

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