Know the difference between LCD and LED top 10 difference

Know the difference between LCD and LED top 10 difference

What is the difference between LCD and LED? Difference between lcd and led in Hindi Are you thinking of buying a new TV but there is some confusion about TV, then today we will tell you which TV you should buy between LCD and LED. In today’s time, technology has developed a lot where earlier we used to watch normal TV. Whose picture quality was normal, but today LCD and LED have taken their place, which we get in HD resolution. TV is such a means of entertainment which is seen by almost all the people. You must be aware that the first TV was made, after this changes were made slowly and now we have LCD and LED in the new form of TV.

What is the difference between LCD and LED?

There are many types of TV in the market and due to such types, people get confused about which TV is the best and which TV should be taken. If you know the difference about these TVs then you can choose the right TV for you. Many times, people choose a shopkeeper or a friend as LCD or LED because they do not understand which TV to buy. This new TV has come in the market a few years ago, so people do not know much about them, people do not know what LCD is and what is LED, here we are going to tell you some differences between the two. Which will make you easier to understand them.

What is lcd
Let me tell you that the LCD has a full-fledged liquid crystal display. It is a flat panel display that uses the light modulating properties of a liquid crystal to prevent or pass its screen light. Each of them produces a small piece of crystal image. When all the crystals present in it combine together, we see a big image. Crystals are also commonly called pixels. It consumes less power as compared to normal TV.

What is LED
It has a full-light light emitting diode, its texture is similar to that of LCD screen but the working style of LCD and LED is different. Instead of illuminating with fluorescent bulbs, they light with diodes that remove light. Even though these bulbs are comparatively small but they are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. These are found behind the screen, which helps to display brightness and darkness on the screen in a good way.

What is the difference between LCD and LED
Now you must have known the working style of these two, you must have come to know how they work. Although both have almost the same texture, there is a big difference between them. Here we are going to tell you about these differences. So that your confusion about these two will go away. If you are going to buy a new smart TV, then you should also know the difference in the smart TV present in the market, if you know about it, then you can buy a good TV for yourself without any help.

  1. Full Form

Talking about LCD, it has a fullform liquid crystal display while LED has a fullform light emitting diode.

  1. Picture Quality

The picture quality of the LED is quite good as compared to the LCD. The reason for this is that the BA panel or IPS panel is used in LED which is considered to be the best in the category of technology.

  1. Color

LED TVs have more color than LCD TVs because RGB-LED backlight is used in LED. Apart from this, you can clearly see all the colors in the RGB-LED backlight. In this, you get higher dynamic contrast ratio.

  1. slim frame

The LED frame is much thinner than the LCD frame because it uses edge-LED backlighting technology. You do not get this technology on LCD TV.

  1. Source of Light

While LCDs use cold cathode fluorescent lamps, LEDs use small light emitting diodes mounted in a series.

  1. Power Consumption

The power consumption of LED is very low compared to LCD TV because LED TV uses energy efficiency. It saves at least 20-30% of electricity.

  1. Price

LCD and LED TV are both expensive as compared to traditional TV, while talking about the price of LCD TV, its market price is 6 thousand to 40 thousand while the price of LED TV is between 10 thousand and 6 lakh.

  1. Weight

The modern form of stacked LCD is LED, in this you get to see modern technology. Due to the latest technology in it, LED TV has less weight compared to LCD TV.

  1. Brightness

The brightness of the LCD is less than that of the LED. Although in both you can reduce the brightness according to your own, but you get good brightness in LED.

  1. Resolution

If the resolution of the LCD is good, then the resolution of the LED falls on a very good range.

So now you must know what is the difference between LCD and LED. Here we have told you the major 10 differences between the two, which would have made it easier for you to understand both. By the way, the modern form of LCD is LED, although the working style of both is different but in LED you get to see very good quality. Even though the price of LED is up to millions, but it also gets quality according to its price. If you are going to buy a new TV, you should get LED TV only.

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