Start Make Money from Youtube, Full guide


YouTube is a great way for video contenter to earn money online. You can make very good money by making videos from home and sharing on YouTube.

How to make money from youtube
How to make money from youtube

In order to be successful in YouTube, we will have to work step by step and perfect in the era of competition in 2019 and 2020.

So let’s know how to work on YouTube in this competition era, you can get success as soon as possible.

How to make money on YouTube

To make money online with youtube. You have to create a youtube channel. We can easily create youtube channels on youtube. But, before making the channel, we should be aware of some basic information. for example…

👉Choose niche, 👉Choose Youtube channel Name, 👉Sharing videos and 👉Monetization

Choose YouTube niche

First of all, prefer a niche with very little competition, because a good niche can give you quick success, or if you have a skill like you can do a good drawing, then you can put a video on YouTube related to drawing . So you have to choose one way that you have to upload some kind of videos to YouTube.

Chhose YouTube name

You should name the YouTube channel based on your niche. Because youtube channel name gives you a good identity on youtube. If you want to name the YouTube channel on your name, you can also keep it, or if you are putting related videos of the drawing, then you can keep the name like ‘My Drawings’ or any other kind of drawing related name on the YouTube channel.

I will advise you to name the YouTube channel as per your niche. Because this will make your channel grow quickly and the incoming viewer will understand that you put a video of the drawing related

Create a channel

After choosing the YouTube niche and name, we have to create a Youtube channel which we can do very easily. You can start a YouTube channel in your mobile too. If you have a laptop or computer, it would be great.

Share your videos

To make YouTube channel and videos famous, you have to share more and more. Because it is necessary to increase subscribers on youtube channel. When you share videos, people know your youtube channel and also subscribe. In this way you have to complete 4000 watch time and 1000 plus subscribers.

You can use social platforms to watch your YouTube videos as much as possible. In which by sharing videos on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, you can make your videos more and more famous. Apart from this, if you have a website, and have good traffic, then you can embed youtube video on your site.

Monatize your channel

Friends, you have monetize your YouTube channel to earn money from Youtube. YouTube channel monetize can be done through Google Adsense. Which is a Google program, you have to submit your YouTube channel to Google Adsense and apply for advertising. For Google Adsense monetization, it is necessary to have 1000 plus subscribers and 4000 plus watch time on your YouTube channel. If you have 1000 plus subscribers and 4000 plus watch time on your channel then you can apply for Google Adsense.

After applying to Google Adsense, your channel follows the monetize policy of Google Adsense, then the channel will be monetized. And the advertisement will start appearing on your YouTube videos. As soon as anyone viewer comes, and clicks on the viewed video ads, you get its money.

Friends, Adsense Guidelines are most important. If you have not followed the Google Adsense monetization policy for youtube to monetize the YouTube channel, then advertising will not start on your YouTube channel. And you can’t make money. That’s why you need to read Google Adsense monetization policy.

Earn without google adsense

If friends, you are not getting Adsense ads on your YouTube channel and or if your Adsense has become disabled due to any reason, then you can also earn money from Google Adsense. But here you have to do affiliate marketing. Through which you can earn money from YouTube.

Affiliate marketing is the work that we have to share the product link of any ecommerce website. Whenever someone buys a product from your shared link, its commision gets to the affiliate marketer.

But for this you have to put videos related products on YouTube channel. Such as unboxing, product review. You can do affiliate marketing by putting videos like this. As if you are telling a review of any Samsung mobile, then you also have to tell that to buy this product, you can buy it from the link in our description. If someone buys the product from youtube description link, youtuber earns its commission.

Use tools for YouTube

To edit YouTube videos more attractive, we should use some tools. Through which we can make video user attractive.

Install the best video editor software for video editing in your laptop. If you do not have a laptop, then you will get very good video editor apps in mobile, which you can install and edit good videos.

If you are running YouTube in mobile then download YouTube Studio app in mobile. With this app, you will be able to manage your YouTube channel easily.

You should also use a best photo editor in which you can create a thumbel of your YouTube video, which is important for thumbel to be very attractive.


Youtube is a great way to earn money online. You should work on youtube as soon as possible. Sharing your skills through video is the best way to earn money. Never copy videos on youtube. Always work unique.

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