Best 20 Manufacturing business ideas in india

Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in India to Start


Hello friends, today I am going to tell about the best manufacturing business ideas in India. Everyone wants to do a better business than a job because there is more possibility of earning money in business.

Manufacturing business ideas in india
Manufacturing business ideas in india

There are many types of Businesses, among them manufacturing business is the one type of business. In which the products have to be produced, it is called manufacturing business. But in the manufacturing business, you need more investment. Because, to produce anything, maximum material and machine is required first.

So today I will try to tell you the low investment manufacturing business. so that you do not need to invest more. And can start your own manufacturing business at a low cost.

Best manufacturing business ideas in india

  1. Candle manufacturing business
  2. Fabric manufacturing business
  3. Temperd glass making business
  4. Paper plate making business
  5. Agarbatti making business
  6. Soap making manufacturing business
  7. Bread making
  8. Engine oil manufacturing business
  9. Garment button making business
  10. Candy making business
  11. Soya sauce making business
  12. Paper carry bag making business
  13. Artificial flower
  14. Hair oil making business
  15. Handmad buscuit making business
  16. Mustard oil manufacturing business
  17. Bricks manufacturing business
  18. Plastic products manufacturing business
  19. Belt making business
  20. Bike Break shoe making business

Candle making manufacturing business

Candle Manufacturing business ideas in india
Manufacturing business ideas in india

Friends, this is a very good manufacturing business. Which can be started with very little investment business. If you want to start a manufacturing business, then I will first suggest candle manufacturing business.

Candles are not used for light in this time. But it is used for decoration. For example, any festival or any function, people decorate the house with candles. Along with this, if the candle has an good aroma, then there is a very beautiful decoration. And the aroma candle sells more.

First of all people use candles for decoration. Meaning that you can understand, how much good money you can earn by starting this business. And can easily sell candles in the market.

To make candles, we need candle making machine, paraffin wax, raw material, candle fragrances, thread, mold (for making stylist shape candles). Which you can start under 50000 rupees in india

Fabric manufacturing

Fabric Manufacturing business ideas in india
Manufacturing business ideas in india

In today’s time, the Fabric is used very much. Fabric use in Such as chair, table, beds, bags. In such a situation, you can start a fabric manufacturing business and earn a lot of money.

You can start this business from anywhere. If you are living in a village, you do not need to go to any city. You can also start a manufacturing business in the village.

I have already told you that like, investment in manufacturing business has to be done a lot more, if you want to start this fabric manufacturing business, then here you have to buy some fabric material making machines, which is meets around 1 or 2 lakhs.

Meaning that fabric material machine, with raw material can start this business up to 500000. And can easily make money So this business is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in india.

Temperd glass manufacturing

If you are looking for a good and quick successful manufacturing business, then you can take the help of tempered glass and start this business and grow very quickly.

We all know how much smartphone is being used today. Along with the usefulness of the smartphone, people also take care of it.

People use Temperd Glass on mobile to save the main screen. Due to which if the mobile falls down, first the temperd glass broken and the main screen screen safe.By doing this business in India, you can earn a good money.

To start this business, you will need hot soft glass screen protector 9H Nano Flexible Glass Film Raw Material, Computer, Packaging including, Tempered Glass Making Machine. You can easily buy this whole item from the market at a cost of around 2 lakhs.

Paper plate making business

Friends, using plastic is harmful to health. Because people are given plastic plates to eat in functions Or plastic cups can be used to drink tea. But plastic is very harmful to our health. The Indian government is giving a suggestion using less plastic. And suggest a paper plate, bag and cup use.

In such a situation, you can earn a good amount by starting a paper making business. Because people like to eat on a plate made of paper. Paper plates do not cause any harm.

To start the business of paper plates, automatic paper plates making machine, hydraulic oil, good quality printed paper, bottom reel and other essential printing goods are required. All this stuff can be purchased at a cost of 1 to 1.5 lakhs and it can be made good money by starting the business of making plates.

Agarbatti making business

Agarbatti Manufacturing business
Agarbatti Manufacturing business ideas in india

Agarbatti Manufacturing is the best business to start with a low investment. You can start earning well by starting a business of incense sticks with low investment. Friends, you can learn how to make incense sticks through the Internet. You will get easy information through YouTube or Google how to make an incense stick

Friends, the demand for incense sticks is always high all over the country. Because every religion uses incense sticks, that’s why they need incense sticks. If you start incense sticks manufacturing business, then you can sell incense sticks products products in the market.

To start the business of making incense sticks, incense sticks making machine, ready mix powder, bamboo sticks, agarbatti fragrances, dye ethyl phthalate (DEP oil), agarbatti packing pouch, incense sticks box it occurs. All these items can be easily purchased within about 60 thousand rupees. It can be profited by selling it both online and offline. So this business is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in india.

Soap making business

Friends, soap definitely makes us very much in daily life. Because, the use of soap for bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes is very useful to us. So you can earn a lot of money in India by starting a business of making soaps

Friends, a company like Patanjali has established its dominance in India by making such products in a very short time. You too can earn a lot of money online and offline by starting this kind of manufacturing business.

Let us tell you that raw materials like soap manufacturing plant, soap noodles, soap stone powder, electricity, soap perfume, soap diaz, soap box are needed to make soap. This business can be started from 5 to 6 lakhs rupees in india

Manufacturing business ideas in india

Thermal product manufacturing business

Friends, you can earn a lot of money in India by starting a thermal product manufacturing business. In today’s time, you can manufacture products like thermal products, plate, thermal cup in wedding and party and sell it in the market. There is a need to invest more for this business.

Thermal product manufacturing machine is required, you can start your business by purchasing four or 5 lakhs of this machine. So this business is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in india.

Last words…

Manufacturing business requires more investment than others businesses. You can also become a big businessman by devlop the manufacturing business. I have told you the best manufacturing business ideas in india. Which you can follow.

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