What is Meesho? & How to start reselling business with Meesho?

Meesho app download free and how to earn money from meesho app


What is Meesho

Friends, nowadays many ways to earn money online have come in the market. Similarly, people are making money online from Meesho. I know that you have come to this website only to get information about how to earn money from Meesho.


Meesho is a product company. Which includes products like garmentsbeauty productselectronics. Through which meesho app, we can extract the complete information of the product.

This is available both ways. Website and app. But we can use meesho only from meesho app. Meesho website is for our information only. We can read their updates there.

Customer can buy direct product on Amazon. But It is not made for the direct customer. This is made for making money. If you want to understand meesho deeply then this is meesho sellers.

Meaning to earn money from Meesho, we have to become a seller.

We have to sell Meesho’s products. But it does not give you product in hand. You can sell its product via digital way. Like Whatsapp, Instagram, facebook etc

Meesho app details

This app is absolutely free. We do not have to pay a rupee to do business with it. You can earn money sitting at home for free in this. You can earn up to 25000 monthly throw meesho.

Any product from meesho products chooses and sell. This means that the information of the product is to be sent to the people through online way. People think that this is your shop and you are advertising your product. Any relative or other person asks for the product. You have to deliver the requested product throw meesho.

The only this type of work to do in meesho for earn money. Make more money. housewives, students and retired man can earn money by Reselling products of its.

Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal have created Meesho. It was found in 2015. Which has 750 plus employers.

Meesho app download free

You can download app in two ways. One from google playstore and meesho official website.

To download Meesho app from Google playstore, press the button below.

To download app from its’s official website, click on the button given below.

Meesho app feautures

Easily you can view all the products in the Meesho app. Such as product detail, price, size and product photos.

You can share product detail on social media from Meesho app. The app has a direct button of WhatsApp shares. Which is very useful. Save your favourite product with the favourite button given above.

Whenever a customer orders from a favourite product, then immediately deliver that product. Easily product ad cart in App. Can sell the product. You can set your margin. You can read product reviews very easily.

How to login meesho

First of all, we have to download Meesho app. So that we could easily login Meesho. And could use Meesho.

  • Download its app from google play store.
  • Open the App.
  • If you are a new user, then you will have to sign up with your mobile number. As soon as you open it’s an app, the sigh up option will appear in the last.
  • Sign up with your mobile number.
  • After feeling the mobile number you have to feel some details of yours. Like age, male or female and occupation.
Meesho login
Meesho login
  • Tap on Next. Some videos will open. Watch that full video. To understand how to work in the meesho.
Meesho login

In this way, friends, you can login to meesho.

How to sell products

After logging into Meesho, you have to first see what kind of product is available in this. See product review. Meesho app’s system also guides. So that you can understand step by step.

You have to fill your profile completely. You can edit with the right side button given above. In which to name your business. To set up a logo. And the most important bank detail is to feel it.

After filling all the detail, you have to start your business on Meesho.

Sell products on messengers

To share it’s product, install messengers. Such as whatsapp, facebook messenger, telegram. Join a lot of groups in Meesenger. And make grops more and more.

There are many products given in this. Download photos and details of those products. There is an option to download below every product of meesho and copy the product detail. And a direct link is provided for WhatsApp share.

You can easily share on WhatsApp. Always share only quality product. Do not disturb people by sharing useless product. Know the choice of your friends and sell them the product according to their choice.

Please send the business card along with the product details while sharing. A business card provides Meesho itself. Which we can make in its app.

Chit chat with customers

While sharing the product, Explain detail own minds. The customer should trust you. Only then you can sell more and more products. Always try to give cash on delivery. Because COD (cash on delivery) gives more confidence to the customer. By the way online payment, you can also sell the product.

Tell the customer that the return policy is available. Friends, if the product is defective, different colour, then Meesho returns product exchange or money. This with the customer must explain.

If the customer orders the product then they must ask for their full address, name, mobile number and pin code. Because Meesho seller has to fill detail while delivering a product.

Do share the tracking link of the Product with the customer. So that the customer can see the location of the order made by himself. And must remain in the connection of the customer. Do not turn off your mobile after order is placed, because the customer can fone you for other details.

Sell producst on online marketplaces

We can earn a lot of money by selling it’s products on platforms like online marketplace such as facebook and olx. You have to add meesho products on facebook marketplace and olx marletplace. Facebook marketplace is very beneficial. Because facebook users in millions. Which can give you many benefits.

In the Facebook market place, we can add meesho’s products with some steps. Facebook is given the Marketplace option on the menu. The Facebook app shows the menu in three lines on the right side.

Not every user is eligible for the facebook marketplace. Only the old and trusted account gets the feature of facebook marketplace. If you do not have the option of facebook marketplace then you can also get the feature from facebook marketplace page.

Apart from the Facebook marketplace, Olx is also a very cool platform. Olx’s app is available on the playstore. From where you can download and sighup. Producs do not add olx to sell products.

It is important to have more followers to sell products on social media. But not need more followers in online marketplace. We can do business from home by selling products with great ease.

Sell products on facebook page

You can earn a lot of money by selling it’s product on facebook page. But in order to sell this product, you must have a large facebook page.

You can create a facebook page yourself or buy it from anyone. Creating a page from facebook is very easy. You can create a facebook page in some simple way. The option to create a Facebook page is given on the menu of facebook. From where we can easily create a facebook page. The product best title has to be placed on the Facebook page. Attracted by-products, the customer will demand product

How much you can earn

The more you work on this, the more income will be. Make more money by selling more and more product of meesho. It has products like garments, electrical products, man wear. Those products have to be sold by selling margin.

You can earn maximum money by marketing product on Facebook marketplace and OLX. meesho transfers the earned money to our bank account. Which has to be added by doing verify.

Last words…

So friends, you can start a business sitting at home by working on this. Although there are many ways to earn money online, but we do not need to invest in meesho. Apart from meesho, you can also get income by working on glowroad. You must have liked this business startup idea very much. Must also share this information with friends so that they too can do business.