[Best] Small scale business ideas for start today


Not everyone has much money for the startup. That is why it is worth doing a low investment business. A small startup can start in less investment. Gradually small scale business can be increased.

Why choose business ⬇️

Doing business is also a skill. Not everyone wants to start a business. People who have business passion, they start a business.

  • In business, we are the owners ourselves, we do not need to work under anyone.
  • There is a possibility of earning more money from a job in business.
  • By putting more effort, you can get more profits.
  • Can give your family a best future career. Meaning that your children can start a business in the future too.

Small scale business ideas

Small scale business ideas
Small scale business ideas

I have collected the best information on small scale business. Which I am sharing with you. If you like this small scale business ideas, then you can definitely follow.


Due to global warming, everyone has understood the importance of tree plants. Thus, the government also promotes tree growing. You can do the business of tree plants by making the nursery.

You have to sell Small plants in this business. This business does not even need much sells an experience. You can start this business with low investment. This business is one of the best from small scale business ideas

Tiffin service

The cooking master can do this small scale business very easily. Most of the people in India go from village to city for jobs, without the family they resort to tiffin. So this business is very beneficial with low investment. This business can start both laddies on man.

This business can also be started in your home. It is also important to have tiffin delivery service.

Network marketing

Network marketing is also a good way in small scale business. You can start this business by joining MLM company.

Some products have to be purchased for this business. And those products have to be marketed. And your customer also has to invite to join the company.

Mobile repair

Friends, nowadays mobile usage has increased a lot and there is also a possibility of mobile malfunction, so people go to the mobile repair centre to get their mobile repair done, if you learn mobile repairing and open a mobile repair shop, then you can make good money.

To open a repair shop, you must have the skill of mobile repairing. This is the best idea of small scale business, you can start it with less investment.

Candle making

Today, people use candles not for light, but for decoration. If there is a program at home, they decorate the house through a candle. So you can earn good money by starting a candle making business.

First of all, you have to learn how to make candles, after that you can start your startup very easily by hand-making candles. You can also do this business sitting at your home. So This business is one of the best from small scale business ideas

Travel service

You can start a small scale business by arranging travel. You do not even need much investment for this business. You can contact the travel agency, and send them to the customer. In this way, you can earn money by giving travel service

This is very good business. Because people like to spend their holidays time for visiting the best places.

Fast food shop

People have a habit of working fast, that is why they have a habit of snacking fast food in a hurry. If you build a fast food shop, you can earn a very good profit. This business can start in very little money. Here you must have the skill to make fast food. such as burger, pizza, noodles vada-pav samosa it all included in fast food

When hungry, people resort to fast food. In this case, This business is one of the best from small scale business ideas. You can start a business by taking shop rent.

Stationery shop

Use a lot of things to study for students. In this way, you can start a small business by selling important items like pens, pencils, books, project material, and sell them.

You can start this business in very less investment, by starting this business near any school or college, you can earn a good profit. Because if you have a stationery shop near the college or school, then students can easily reach the shop.

Bike parts supply business

In the present time, the two vehicles are very useful. In this way, the parts of the bike keep deteriorating and we need to replace them. And the damaged parts need to be replaced. Bike parts are not available everywhere, if you buy and supply bike parts at the service centre or any garage, you can earn very good money.

This business can start with very small and small investments. If you have your own vehicle, it will be very easy to supply bike parts. Experience of bike parts is essential for this business.

You can start this business with a small investment. For example, if you take an order of 5000 rupees for a shop, and supply the material, then you can earn a good margin in 5000 rupees. So This business is one of the best from small scale business ideas

Bike service center

To run the bike properly, it is necessary to take care of it. In this way the bike needs to be serviced. Two vehiler is required for fast work. So you can start two vehiler service center.

For this business, you must have good bike repairing skills. And with some important tools, you can start this business very easily.

If you have your own space then there is no need to invest much, if you do not have your own place, then you can start a business by taking space on rent.

Mushroom harvesting

Knowing the benefits of Mashroom, everyone wants to eat it, and it is also very expensive. So it would be very beneficial to start business.

If you live in a village-like an area and you have some lands, you can earn a good income by harvesting mushroom.


Pickle business is a major consideration of small scale business. You can earn a lot by doing this business, nowadays people are very fond of eating pickles. Like mango pickle. Before starting this business, you must have complete knowledge of pickle making.

You can also start this business from your home. Making Good and tasty pickles you can sell in the market.

This business can start with very little investment. Such as spices, and need to buy fruits. If you want to start this business in the market, then you can start by taking place on your own or on rent.

Instagram marketing

Instagram is social media, if you do hard work on Instagram and increase the followers, then you can earn a lot of money by doing Instagram marketing. You can do Instagram marketing after more follower

It is necessary to have more than 10,000 plus followers on your Instagram account. You can market any business or share the advertisement of any product on your Instagram profile and charge it, which is a good amount.

You can start this work absolutely free, because using instagram is free.

Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a website where you can sell your hand made item. If you are expert in handicraft, can make a good gift, then you can sell online on Etsy.

To sell the product on Etsy, it is necessary to create an etsy account. To sell on etsy, you have to create an etsy shop, and pay some of its charge.

You can do this business in very less investment. This small scale business will be best for housewives. So it business is one of the best from small scale business ideas

Domain selling

Domains have to be used to build a website. In this case, you can start your own startup by selling the domain. This startup is an online startup, which can be done easily. By buying a domain, the domain has to be sold at as much price.

This business can start with very little investment. By buying a domain at a low price, you can sell with high price on a website like GoDaddy and flippa.com.

Yoga classes

Everyone knows the importance of Yoga. Yoga is very important to make your body healthy and beautiful. That’s why people want to do yoga. People always like the place around them for yoga, where they can do yoga in a quiet environment.

If You have a yoga skill, you can teach yoga, then you can start yoga classes. And can earn good money.

Pvc kitchen furniture

Everyone has a kitchen in the house, and it is necessary to have furniture in the kitchen. If people take a new flat, then there is definitely a kitchen there, and there is always a need to get kitchen furniture. Most people prefer wooden kitchen furniture, but there is a high risk of termites in the wood, and spoil quickly. This is why people like to make PVC kitchens

If you can make PVC kitchen furniture then it can be a startup with less investment. If you cannot make furniture, you can order furniture and order it by going to any PVC kitchen furniture office, earn commission per order with any PVC furniture making company. This business is one of the best from small scale business ideas

More small scale business ideas

Bakery shop

Slipper manufacturing

Matchstick production

Herbal products

Manugacturing minaral water

Buy used and sell products

Buttons making

Designer lace


Before doing business, learn the necessary skills. Make small investments only after that. I have inform you about very good small scale business ideas. If you like, you can follow these ideas.

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