How to start a business in india full guide

how to start or open your own business in india


How to start a business in india

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you in this post how to start your own business? How to start your business in India. Some people like business more than jobs, because we can earn money in business more than jobs.

How to start a business in india
How to start a business in india

So everyone wants to start their own business. In such a situation, they do not know much, how to start a business, then this post can be very helpful for you.

Friends, starting a business is not an easy. Business starts with risk. There may or may not be success. Therefore, it will be better to start the business with complete preparation and investment.

Research / Find business ideas to start in india

Friends, there is competition in every field, so you have to choose the business with less competition and more profitable. If you have money for more investment, then it will be very good for business. But if you have less investment, then you can also start a small business.

And gradually a large business can be started from small business. It is necessary to get its idea before start small business or large business in india.

The best business ideas can be learned from an experienced businessman. Or you can also know through internet, which are profitable and low investment business.

I have written an article on low investment and profitable business ideas, which you can read from the link given below.

Imorove skills and experience for business

Neccessary skills ⬇️

  • Selling skill
  • Communication skill
  • Accounting
  • Management

Before start a business in india, we should have complete knowledge about the business. And how to do this business? What are the functions in this business? And how it can be improved as quickly as possible.

We should take all that information first. We will have to work in that business for some time. Or you can improve the skill by doing job also, as if you want to do an Automobile business, then first of all you should take complete knowledge of automobile business.

And it should increase the experience for a few years. Like what are the parts in an Automobile? And the use of parts. That information should be known.

If you are starting a pickle business, then you should learn how to make pickle. Only then the business of making pickle will be able to start. Before starting a business, take some experience for some time. Only then invest.

Find business (Factory or shop) location

It is important where to start a business? Which area to start? And where to start shop or factory.

By finding a suitable place, you have to take the place to rent in india. Here you have more money for investment, then you can also buy business place.

If you are start a shop, then market area is important. For example, if there is an automobile business, or a garage business, it is important to have more vehicles there. If there is no vehicle passing there, then you will have less chance of getting a customer.

So start your Automobile shop near the road. So that the customer can come to you as soon as possible, hence the location in the business is very important.

If you are opening a manufacturing, then the factory place does not have much important. He keeps an important for the shop as if you have started a button making factory, so you can start it anywhere which is necessary to be a good place.

Apply legal process

To start any business in india, You need its legal license. Such as the Shop Act license. You can make business safe by legal processing.

You can apply online for shop act licence. Whatever necessary documents should be there.

Marketing of your business

We start the business, but marketing is also necessary to spread it. We needed business marketing to spread the business.

There are two types of marketing. One is offline marketing and the other is online marketing. Today’s Time is of online marketing, so you can start your business marketing by starting online advertising very easily.

Like marketing through Search engine, facebook marketing, instagram marketing and email marketing

In offline marketing, you can print of your business card and give it to people. So what is your business? And at which location, they can know. You can also advertising of your business in newspaper

Drive Online

If you want to expand your business more, and want more customers, then run it online. To drive online, you need to create a good website for your business. Which you can make through freelancer. Or you can also create a website yourself. To build a website, some things have to be kept in mind like

  • Buy domain name Business related
  • By hosting
  • Start build website on wordpress or shopify
  • Do SEO and get customers

Sell products online

Many platforms are available for selling products online. Like amazon seller, olx, facebook here, you can create an account and create a product listing.

Last words..

So friends, you will understand how to start business in India. The most important thing in business is investment and experience, so first of all to start any business must improve skills and experience.