[Best] 10 Startup Ideas in india for worth starting


Hello Friends, today I am going to tell about the best startup ideas in india in this post. Everyone wants to start their own business to earn more money

Startup ideas in india
Startup ideas in india

People give more importance to startup than jobs. Because in business, we are our own boss and can work according to our wish.

Businesses can do both online and offline. We can do online business with less investment. So in this post I will tell you about both online and offline business.

Why choose business


  • Own boss
  • Not salary but income
  • Business man can grow business via own mind
  • He can give time for family on own time

Best startup ideas in India

I am going to give you a list of some business, in which you can invest and start a startup. Friends, one time try to start a business by some investing money or time

  1. Stationery shop
  2. Online service centre
  3. Sweets shop
  4. Real estate business
  5. Mobile accessories shop
  6. Bike washing centre
  7. Grocery store
  8. Digital marketing
  9. Start coaching centre
  10. App development
  11. 🍼 milk delivery
  12. Youtube
  13. Online 🌌 photo selling
  14. Barber shop

Stationery shop

Startup ideas in india
Stationery startup ideas in india

The importance of education is increasing very much. During the study, everyone needs books and related study material. So if you want to start a superb business in fewer rupees then stationary the best option

You can start a business related to a study item, such as pen, rubber, pencils, book cover, books or project work items etc Friends, there is no need for much experience for this business.

Start this business near a school or college. Near these, students will be able to reach the shop very quickly.

➡️Business type- Ofline

➡️Investment – Needed

Online service center

Nowadays the usage of online service has increased a lot. Such as making Aadhaar card, making PAN card, making ration card, voter id, filling of online forms are very much needed. In such a situation, you can earn a very good income by starting an online service business, you can start this work in very less investment too. But in this, you need to learn online works

A machine like a laptop, printer is needed for this business. Along with this, you must be proficient in online work.

➡️Business type- Online

➡️Investment –needed

Sweets shop

Sweets Startup ideas in india
Sweets Startup ideas in india

There are festivals in every religion. People keep new programs. On an important day, they eat sweets. If you make a sweet shop, it can be a very good business. Friends, you earn well by doing this business

The sweet shop can be started in a good area. In this work, you can make sweets yourself or you can also hire a worker to make sweets.

➡️Business type – Offline

➡️Investment – Needed

Real estate business

Selling people for property, helping to sell property, getting houses for rent, such work comes in real estate business. People take help of a real estate agent to get their own house. In this way, you can earn by opening a real estate office. You can earn a commission by selling or buying a property.

Due to increasing family members, real estate is much needed. With the growing family, people buy a property. One has to seek help from a real estate agency.

Before starting Real estate business must take a real estate licence. You can start a business by looking at a good public area.

➡️Business type- Ofline

➡️Investment –needed

Mobile accessories

Friends, if you start a mobile business, then you need to invest more. Mobile accessories can be started for less investment. In which you can make a shop for the best mobile accessories in addition to charger, cable, earphone, earphone, Bluetooth earphone, Bluetooth speaker.

Nowadays everyone is crazy about mobile. Applying good cover, screen guard of your mobile, in such a situation, you can earn a very good income by making a mobile accessories shop. But there is much more competition in it if you

You can also sell mobile accessories products online. You can combine your shop products with amazon seller.

➡️Business type- Offline

➡️Investment – needed

Bike washing center

Bike usage has increased a lot. Nowadays, people have to use bikes for a small distance. In this way, people also care about bikes. Bike service and washing are essential for bikes. If you open the centre of bike washing, then you can earn very good money. bike washing in India charge ranges up to 50 to 100 rupees.

You can also start this work with low investment. Because it requires water pressur machine, and water. In this, you can also do vehicle washing yourself. If there is more work, you can also hire someone for work.

It is important to have a big space for this business. It is important to have a much water.

➡️Business type- Offline

➡️Investment –Needed

Grocery store

Grocery Startup ideas in india
Startup ideas in India

Grossery is very useful in living life. Everyone needs grocery. If you want to do small business and with less investment, grocery can be a very good business. This business is the most running business in any locality. Because it uses food items, and cooking items, it is sold. It does not even require much experience. We can start the grocery shop very easily.

➡️Business type- Offline

➡️Investment –Needed

Plant nursery

Investment is needed to start the plant nursery business. But it is a more profitable business. In the coming times, the demand for plants is increasing. And plants are also useful in decoration. To start this business, experience and skills are needed.

You can also start this business from the village. Plants can be grown in village and sold in the city from village. If you do not have land to grow plants, then you can also make a plant selling shop. And you can earn well.

➡️Investment – Needed

➡️Business type- Offline

Digital marketing

Now more people do online marketing than offline marketing. He does more and more online marketing of his business, and tries to grow the business as quickly as possible. You can start a digital marketing startup by taking a digital marketing course. By marketing any company, you can take service charge from them

For this business you have to have digital marketing skills. Such as search engine optimization, article writing, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, it is important to have such marketing skills.

➡️Business type- Online

➡️Investment – No

Coaching center

A teacher can start a startup by running a coaching center. Coaching join is required for advance education.

Coaching join is important for preparing entress exam like Neet, jee, gujcet and competitive exam. In this way, you can start your own by opening the coaching center. In which course wise fees can be kept.

➡️Business type- Offline

➡️Investment – Needed

App developer

Through the app, we can run any feature easily. In such a situation, everyone wants to use the app. If you are an app developer or can create an app, you can do freelancing through your app developthe skill. For example, you can add your app to develop skills on fiver.com or upwork.com

To make an app, you must have skills. You can create and sell your own app. And you can earn as much as possible. For example, if someone wants to run his business online through the app, he will contact to app developers to create an app.

➡️Business type- Online

➡️Investment – No needed

Milk delivery

Milk delivery business ideas
Startup ideas in India

Favourite tea is made from milk. Tea is made in almost all the houses in India. In this way, everyone cannot keep a cow or buffalo in their house. They buy milk from the shop. In this way, the best startup can be done by doing a milk delivery.

In milk delivery, you have to get the order first. And with the orders, you can transport milk to home.

You must have a vehicle in this business. Also, it is necessary to have milk stock.

➡️Business type- Offline

➡️Investment – Needed


Youtube is an online startup. The video contenter can easily start here. If you have a good skill, such as cooking skill, drawing skill, make money skill then you can share such skill through video on youtube.

Apart from this, online tuition can also be run through youtube. You can also get income by monetizing your youtube channel. In this way, youtube is a very good one of the online startup ideas in india.

➡️Business type- Online

➡️Investment – O

Online photo selling

If friends, you are expert in taking photographs and can capture good photos. So you can startup by selling photos online. You do not need any experience or investment in this business. You can also capture and sell photos from mobile. No need to buy a high paid camera.

Many websites are available online for photo sell. Like Shutterstock, Ponds5.com can upload the best photos captured by creating an account on such a website. And you can earn more and more money online.

➡️Business type- Online

➡️Investment – No needed

Barber shop

By improving hair related skills like hairstyle, hair cutting, hair care, you can make a barbershop. Friends, this business is very profitable. Nowadays people pay a lot of attention to their hairstyle. spend more on hair

You can start this business with low investment. So this is one of the best from best startup ideas in India

➡️Business type – Offline

➡️Investment – Needed

Last words………

Friends, I have shared the best startup ideas in india with you. You can start any business according to your skill. And if you liked this information, then share it with your friends too.

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