Types of blogs – Types of Blog in English?

Types of blogs – Types of Blog in English?

Blogs can be divided into several categories. Based on writing, based on presentation, based on blog technique. Thus there are other ways which can tell different types of blogs. But here we will talk about the 5 most popular types of blogs.

  1. Personal Blogs
  2. Group Blogs
  3. Microblogs
  4. Business Blogs
  5. Aggregated Blogs

Personal Blogs

Personal blog is an online diary that is published on the web. In this diary (blog), a person, not a group or organization, shares his personal views. Therefore, these types of blogs attract a lot of readers in addition to family members, relatives, friends, office workers. However, nowadays personal blogging is being done in a professional manner. Therefore, these types of blogs are also attracting a lot of traffic and people are also collecting means to earn money.

Yes yes You can also earn money from a blog. Nowadays the trend of earning money from blogging is going on (Google for more information, “How to earn money from blog / blogging”) and professional bloggers are able to earn full time income from their personal blog.

Group Blogs

If a blog is written by more than one person, then such blogs are called group blogs. These blogs affect a large number of readers and their traffic is also much higher than personal blogs. Also, you can manage to do this engagement in a much better way. Such blogs are written on more than one topic. A blogger expresses his views on just one topic

But express our thoughts One advantage of this is that the work of managing a blog gets divided, so there is no work pressure on only one person.

Micro Blogs
You must have heard the name of Twitter. And would also use it. The tweeter allows its users to write only 140 characters. This is called microblogging and the act of microblogging is called microblogging. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. platforms are providing this service.

Professional people like politicians, actors, writers, singers etc. use it to share their new shaw, books, films and other updates to their followers. This makes their association with followers more compelling. That’s why millions of crores of these celebrities have fan followers on social media sites.

The number of followers on social media sites is considered a status of success.

Business Blogs

Software companies, private merchants, non-governmental organizations use blogs to update their employees. This type of blog is limited to employees only and no other person can read it. These types of blogs are called business blogs. Since they are used by a particular company for its employees, they are also called Corporate Blogs.

Companies use blogs to share new information, meetings information, business reports, etc., membership clubs, groups, organizations etc. By giving updates in this way, information reaches more employees in less time. These types of blogs are also called personal blogs.

On the other hand, some businesses are also using blogs to reach new customers. New potential customers are being brought to the website by sharing information related to their product or service through a blog. This method is proving to be cheaper than other marketing tools. Therefore, the number of such blogs is increasing day by day.

Aggregated Blogs
Some blogs also include other related blogs in their posts. Or share posts related to any topic, product, service. In this way, readers get information related to a topic at one place. Such blogs are called Aggregated Blogs.

in next article i will tell you how to create your own blog … be ready

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