What is a blogging

What is a blogging

Have you ever wondered what this blog is? What is blogging

If you also want to know about blogs and blogging then this article is for you only. Because in this article I am giving complete information about blogs and blogging. For the convenience of the study, this article is divided into the following parts.

Before answering this question, I would like to tell you about some blog definitions that are famous in the blogging industry.

“Weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media and data, arranged chronologically, which can be viewed by an HTML browser.”

“A blog is a continuous chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links.”

“A blog is basically a magazine available on the web. The activity of updating the blog is ‘blogging’ and the person who maintains the blog is ‘blogger’.

“Blog is a continuous journey with the human guide that you know. There are a lot of guides to choose from, each creating its own readership, there is also friendship and politics between the people who run the weblog, and they also point to each other by structures, graphs and loops. “

“A blog is basically a magazine that exists on the web. The task of updating the blog is called ‘blogging’ and the person who has the blog is called ‘blogger’. Daily updates are usually done with the help of blog software which helps people with less knowledge of technology and without technical background to update and handle it. Blog posts are arranged in chronological order to us, with the most recent posting appearing at the top. “

“A blog is a website on which items are posted regularly and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is an abbreviation for weblog or web log. Writing a blog, managing a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called ‘blogging’. The only article on the blog is called “blog posts,” posts, “entries”. The person who publishes these entries is called ‘Blogger’.

The only article on the blog is called “blog posts,” posts, “entries”. The person who publishes these entries is called ‘Blogger’. A blog contains text, hypertext, images, and links (for other webpages, videos, audios, and other files). Documentation on blogs takes place in a conversational style. Often blogs focus on a “topic”. Such as the political moves of Washington DC. Some blogs discuss personal experiences. “

A blog is a type of website that is usually organized in chronological order, with recent posts (or entries) being up and down.

After reading the definitions of the blog, you must have understood the meaning of the blog. Come, now we also share our thoughts about the blog. And help you understand what is this blog?

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