What is Adsense and How to make money with Adsense


How to make money with adsense

Hello, friends, today I am going to share in this post, what is AdSense? How to make money with AdSense? By the way, there are many ways to earn money online, such as reselling, admod, quora In this way, we can also earn money online from Adsense.

How to make money with Adsense
How to make money with Adsense

First know: What is Adsense?

AdSense works on YouTube and website advertising. Through which, YouTube and bloggers monetize their website and YouTube channel from AdSense and earn online. Like we see advertise on youtube. So that advertise is throw Adsense. And as you click on that advertise, YouTuber has to earn.

To make money from AdSense, you need a blog website or YouTube channel. It is necessary to have some kind of website, if you cannot create a website, or write an article, then you can also earn money by creating a YouTube channel.

After creating a YouTube channel, you have to monetize YouTube with AdSense. And as soon as AdSense is approved on your youtube channel, the advertisement is to be advertised on the videos you shared.

The same matter is also on the website. If you have a blog website, then it has to be applied for monetize AdSense. Just as AdSense approve your website, you can put advertise by Adsense on your website.

But Adsense does not easily monetize any website or youtube channel. For monetization, website or youtube channel has to be prepared according to the guidelines of AdSense.

How to make money with Adsense

To earn money from Adsense, I have already said that we must have a website or YouTube channel. Because it is an advertising company that we can put its advertising on YouTube or website.

If you do not have a blog website or YouTube channel, you cannot make money from AdSense. Therefore, to earn money from AdSense, first of all, make a website or YouTube channel. But I will suggest you make a blog website. Because Adsense earning on the website is very quick. And you can easily advertise by monetizing AdSense.

To enable AdSense, first of all, you have to apply AdSense. If you have a website, you can apply for AdSense. To apply for AdSense, first, you need to visit the official website of AdSense and add your blog website. But AdSense does not allow us to approve so easily, you cannot easily put Adsense advertising on our website. To apply Adsense advertising, we have to fulfil some requirements for AdSense.

How to get AdSense approval

To take the approval of AdSense, it is necessary to have visitors on your blog website. If do not have visitors on your website, you cannot make money from AdSense. When more and more visitors start coming to your website, then apply for AdSense, because without traffic you cannot earn money. If 100 plus pageviews of the day start coming, then you must apply for Adsense.

AdSense does not monetize any website. To get the website monetized by AdSense, we have to follow the AdSense Privacy Policy and Guidelines. Only then we can take AdSense approval, so you will have to prepare the website according to the AdSense guidelines.

Apart from this, I would like to give you some Adsense Approval tricks which can be very helpful to you.

  • 👉Make sure to put 4 pages on your website such as contact, about us, privacy policy, disclaimer
  • 👉Always write the content yourself. Do not copy anywhere.
  • 👉Do not copy the image from any other website and paste it on your website. Edit image yourself
  • 👉Keep your blog website theme simple

Friends, by following the guidelines of AdSense, you can take AdSense approval on your blog website very easily. And you can earn as quickly as possible.

How much you can earn from Adsense

Now you come on the topic to how much money you can earn through AdSense? So friends, let me tell you that AdSense is like earning business. You can earn a lot on it. But it is based on views of YouTube and your website’s page views. And is based on the niche you liked.

AdSense earnings are on CPC (Cost per click). As if it is a keyword. And 1 $ CPC has been set on that keyword. Whenever a visitor clicks on your website through a search engine with a keyword containing 1 $ CPC and clicks on advertisements, you get up with a click up to 1 $.

There are 1000+ plus traffic daily on your website, then you can earn from 2 to $ 10 comfortably. If it is more traffic then you can earn a lot more.

How pay AdSense?

Adsense pays after earning 100 $. We cannot use Adsense money before earning 100 $.

Benefits of earning from Adsense

Friends, we can earn money from Adsense at home. This is the biggest advantage. Also, Adsense is Google’s program so we can trust it more.

In this way, you can do a job sitting at home, which you can earn money online as a business.

Adsense pays more money than other companies. Therefore earning more from Adsense.


To make money from Adsense, it is necessary to have a website or youtube channel. So, friends, you should make a website or youtube channel today. Adsense is waiting for you.