What is affiliate marketing and how to make money from it


Like freelancing and blogging, affiliate marketing is also a great way to earn money. Today I am going to share in this post, what is affiliate marketing? And how to make money from affiliate marketing? Many ways to earn money online will be found on online platforms. You can earn a lot of money from Affiliate marketing with a blog website and facebook page.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing

Friends Affiliate Marketing is the marketing where we market online products, promote the products of any online selling company, and that company gives us a commission, it became an affiliate marketing. Like an e-commerce website.

Sharing the product link of website like Amazon, ebay, Flipkart on any other online platform and selling it is called Affiliate Marketing. Like when visitor buy a product from the shared link, we get its commission. 

Promote products in affiliate marketing. If you have a blog website, you can easily do affiliate. The product link is to be advertised on the website by joining affiliate marketing. The website visitor buys the product from the affiliate banner you have installed. So the company which is the affiliate of the product, the company will commission you.

There is no charge for joining Affiliate Marketing. You can join affiliate marketing absolutely free. You do not have to work too hard here, you must have an Facebook page, Instagram page, or blog website. Where you can promote the product.

Affiliate has commission based earnings. The commission is based on the product. Such as product type, product price etc.

How to join affiliate marketing

To join affiliate marketing, first you have to visit the best e-commerce website and other online product selling website. Just like now the name of the best and trusted website is amazon, ebay, flipcart, hostgetor, godady.

What is affiliate marketing

You can easily join affiliate program by going to affiliate program option of any online selling company and you are eligilible to promot their product.

Like amazon. Then you will see the option of joining affiliate in amazon’s footer. You can join affiliate by going there. Which process is completed from some of our detail.

Affiliate program, blogger or if you have a large Facebook page, or Instagram page, then you can join. Because without traffic we cannot promot the product. Affiliate product promot only when there are more and more visitors on promotting platform like blog website, as if you have a blog website. And there are 5000 plus daily traffic, so you can put affiliate banner on your blog website.

How to make money from affiliate marketing

Like I told you earlier, you have to have a big network for affiliate marketing. Where there are more and more visitors of the day. You can use Instagram, blog website, or Facebook for affiliate.

If you do not have a blog website, do not worry you can use Facebook. Facebook is also not a small network, it is a very large social platform. Here you have to invest some time. You must create a Facebook page. Followers have to increase as much as possible on the created Facebook page. At least you have to increase your ten thousand plus followers.

Join affiliate program from any online product selling company or service. And promot of products via affiliate program’s link or banner on blog website or facebook page. As soon as you see the shared link and someone likes that product, then he will definitely click on the link you shared. If needed and will buy. As soon as he buys the product, you are paid some of his commission by the company.

Apart from Facebook, blog website is the best way. The blog website is the best for affiliate marketing. People invest more time on website. Therefore, the chance of buying the product is more.


If you have a blog website, or a large facebook page, you can earn money online by promoting the product of affiliate program.

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