What is Facebook and how to make money from it?

What is Facebook and how to make money from it?

There will probably be no person who uses the internet and does not know about Facebook, but do you know that money is also earned from Facebook? Yes, this bar is right. You too can earn money from Facebook by sitting at home. Perhaps you still use Facebook to do Likes and Shares and if you start getting free money from Facebook, then what would be better than this. We use Facebook daily, so I thought why should you share some tips with people so that Facebook can earn money.

Ever since Facebook has been launched, its users have increased day by day, there has been no visible decline in it. Facebook keeps updating from time to time to retain its users, here users do messages, chatting, video calling, photo sharing status, good buy and sell.

What is Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website using which we can connect with our friends, relatives online and talk to them, as well as share photos, videos, messages with them. The best thing is that it is absolutely free. You can share your favorite post by creating your account and page for free. Facebook has 2.32 billion active per month users. Facebook has been created in 37 other languages.

Facebook is an American company founded on 4 February 2004. Initially a website called thefacebook.com was created. Which was changed in the year 2005 to facebook.com. At least 13 years of age is required to create your account in Facebook. After creating an account, you can give your personal information like name, address, school, college, company name, favorite movie, favorite game etc.

Facebook is a free platform that you do not have to pay in any way to use. You can add 5000 friends from an account and share status, images, videos with them. If you want to reach more than 5000 people, then you can create a Facebook page for this. Your fans can join you by following and liking this page. There is no limit to liking Facebook page, unlimited people can like it.

Who invented facebook

The father of Facebook is called Mark Zuckerberg, who was born in the US on May 14, 1984. When Mark Zuckerberg was studying for his college at Harvard University, he thought about creating a website that helped people Could talk among themselves and share files. Later, along with some of his friends, he created Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum Facebook which is used all over the world.

How to make money from facebook

The most important thing in earning money from Facebook is that there is no need to invest in it, just we have to create our Facebook account, page or group which is absolutely free. Here, I will share with you some ways with which you can earn money sitting at home.

Earn money by selling Facebook account or page

If you have a Facebook account or page that has great friends and fan following, then you can earn good money by selling it. As old as Facebook account or page, you will get more money because most Marketers live in search of similar Facebook account.

Earn money from facebook group

First of all, you have to create a Facebook group which has at least 5 thousand active members. Share relevant questions, blog posts, photos, videos and poll to keep your group members engaged. Now to earn money from Facebook group, share Affiliated Links, Sponsored content and also earn money by selling your products / book / services.

Make money with facebook app

If you are an App Developer, you can make good money by connecting with Facebook, for this you will have to join Facebook Company or you can earn money by developing Banner Ads or Ads of other companies after developing the App yourself.

Earn money from PPC Campaign

The full form of PPC is Pay Per Click which works on CPC (Click Per Cost) Module. PPC is used to get traffic in leads and websites. Facebook has a paid advertisement campaign which many companies offer paid advertisement. You can make good money by joining the company and running a Facebook campaign for them.

By uploading Video on Facebook or Live Chat

If you create a unique video or live stream and upload it to Facebook, Facebook will enable monetize, then ads will appear on your video and when a user clicks on that ad, you will get his money as it is on YouTube. .

Earn money from Facebook by selling photos
If you are a designer and are willing to do photography then you can earn good money with the help of Facebook. For this, you have to draw attractive photos, then you have to design it in Photoshop, you can sell these photos on photo selling website and Facebook and earn good money.

Earn money from Facebook by increasing website traffic
When a new website or blog is created, it takes 6-12 months to get traffic on it. If you have more followers on your Facebook group and page, then you can earn good money by promoting the logo website.

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