What is Patent? Know In English

What is Patent? Know In English

What is a Patent, how to do complete information, what is Patent , today we are going to tell you about what a Patent is, you must have heard about it at some time but you will not have full information about it. If a person has made a new discovery, then he should get his new idea or search patented so that no person or organization can copy his idea or search, then let us know about the patent.

What is Patent, how to do Patent
What is Patent?
When a person makes a new idea or a new discovery, he has to get a patent on his idea in order to assert his rights so that no other person can copy or steal it. In other words, a patent is a right that a person Or the organization is provided with a completely new service, technology, process, product or design so that no one can copy them.

If any person or entity already copies the register item for the patent for its business benefit, then doing so will be considered as invalid. If the person who has the patent and has made a complaint against the copyist, then the copier may have to pay a heavy price.

However, a person can make the product with the permission of the person holding the patent, for this, that person has to pay royalty to the person holding the patent. If the person holding the patent can sell his patent to another person, then you can tell that the maximum limit of patent of an article is 20 years i.e. for 20 years, the person has the right to his search or idea, after which any person Patents may use Idea or Search.

Types of Patent
You must have known what the patent is, now you tell us its type, it is mainly of two types, the first is a product patent and the second is a process patent.

Product Patent means that a person or an organization cannot copy or copy an exact product, that is, two products cannot be copied in the same way. For example, you may have seen a lot of toothpastes in the market but you have two company toothpastes. Haven’t seen the design of the same. This is called a product patent.

Process Patent means that no person or organization can make a product with the same process / technology to make a product by which a product has already been made by a company. That is, the process of making a product in a process patent cannot be stolen, it is called a process patent.

How to patent
Each country has its own separate offices for patent. Talking of India, the Indian Patent Office is administered by the Office of the Comptroller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks (CGPDTM). It is headquartered in Kolkata and works as per the order of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. If you want to get your things patented, first you have to go to the Patent Office, after this you have to give full details of your search or idea, then the office officials will check your search or idea if your idea or search is unique in the investigation. If you go, the patent will be registered for your item. After this, you will have the right to your idea or search for the next 20 years.

Now you must have known what is a Patent or what is a Patent. What is Patent in Hindi? Tell you that if a patent is made in India, it will be valid only in India. If a person or organization of another country mimics the register patent in India, it is not considered a patent violation, so if you have discovered something which is going to be useful in the coming time, then you should go to every big country and get your idea. Or a search patent should be done so that no one can copy it.

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