What Is Server and Types Of Server
Engineer in the server room close-up. Photo taken at a Data Center in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe.

What Is Server and Types Of Server

What is a server and what type is it?
In today’s technical heavy world, it has become very easy to hear a server-like name. We all often hear that the server is down now and will work online later. Have you ever wondered what is this server, what is the type of server, how does the server work, how is the server down.

We will try to answer all these questions related to the server through this article. First of all, we will give you information about what is a server (so what is a server), so let us come directly to the topic.

What is a server


A server is a type of computer or device. Which works to provide your data between any other type of computer. The server provides data to the device locally or extensively over the Internet. We can also know this by the name of the computer or device running the resource of data. Simply put, a server is a device that exchanges data between two computers, we call it a server.

What are the types of servers?

There are mainly 7 types of servers. We are going to tell you with complete information about what the seven types of servers are.

Mail Server
Web server
Proxy server
Database Server
File server
Ftp server
Application server

Mail Server (Mail Server): – The process of a server in which the mail sent by the user to another user before passing it through several complex process of Mail Server, delivers that mail to the user, we This is called Mail Server. The job of a mail server is to exchange all the emails that are exchanged on the Internet with each other.

Web Server (Web Server): – The process of a server in which the name of the web page written by the user after matching it with its server shows that web page in front of that user, we call it Web Server. Such a server acts as a kind of software or hardware that is stored in the online database.

Proxy Server (Proxy Server): – The process of a server in which the web page requested by the user immediately adopts a more complex process and shows it to the user, it is called Proxy Server. It acts as a mediator between client programs and external servers for network connection sharing, network data filtering and data caching.

Database Server (Database Server): – The process of server in which a computer system whose function is to access the data from the database and provide the related service to retrieve it, we call it Database Server. It works to store the data of a web page and keep it secure.

File Server (File Server): – The form of server in which we store any kind of documents in the online database and works to show it to the user as a web page, we call it File Server. For example, if a web page has to be hosted online, we save all its data in the file server of our server, due to which the users are able to view that web page.

FTP Server (ATP Server): – The process of a server in which the user requested web page from the previously hosted online database acts as its front view, it is called FTP Server. Its full name is File Transfer Protocol which works to show its data on all computers or devices in the world. This is possible when the user requests that web page.

Application Server (Application Server): – The server or program that manages to handle all the application operations of the user and organization’s Backend Business, Application or Database, we call it Application Server. This is a framework where application server is required to run all types of web pages or applications.

How the server works

If we give answer to how the server works in computer language then it will become very complicated, I will give you a simple example of how the server works. You can read below how the server works.

When a user has to open a web page, he types the link to that web page in his browser and then searches. Then that web page starts appearing in front of him. This is how an ordinary people knows how the server works, but it does not happen. In just a few seconds, the server goes through several processes, then it goes and shows the web page to the user.

As you write www.google.com in your browser and then press Enter, then your request goes to DNS (Domain Name Server) that a user wants to see this web page. Then that DNS provides Google’s IP (Internet Protocol) to your browser. All the web pages you see on the internet are open only through DNS.

Every web page has three types of IP Address that are already added to DNS. After that, the IP address that web page gives to your browser, the browser matches it with your server, which web page is this IP address. When your browser finds the IP address of that web page in its database, it displays that web page in front of you. All the web pages present in the Internet world are open only after getting the right IP address.

How the server is down

You must have heard that the server is down, the website is not opening yet. We often get to hear this when we go to the bank or our or someone else’s online result is coming. At that time, the website on which our result is going to come, sometimes it happens that we are not able to open that website. The reason for this may be the weakness of your network, but most of the time it is not.

When we open that website, our browser instead of opening that web page, it writes Server is Busy, Server is Not Found etc. We see this, we should understand that the server with which this website is hosted Is she is busy now. Never before had people come together on this server or website, but today many people have opened this website. All servers are different, how much of a user’s device they can open that web page at a time, it is determined by their server.

When a website connects with a low capacity server, it is unable to open that web page in more people’s devices. Now you will say that whether the website of the bank is also hosted on a low capacity server, the answer can be yes or no. Google is also a website which is visited by millions of people every second, but its server is not down, but the answer is how the server of these bank is down.

That his website connects with low capacity servers. It takes more money to connect with a server with more capacity. This is the reason that the server is down.

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