What is technology and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is technology and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

There will be no person who is not connected with technology. Today we will know what is technology? In this digital age, technology is changing day by day and making human life easier. There was a time when we could not even imagine mobiles and computers. In the first jam, people used to use letters to send messages to far-flung areas. But today, with the help of mobile and computer, we can talk to a man sitting thousands of miles in seconds. All this has become possible with the advent of technology.

Technology is a human knowledge that helps in creating fresh new equipment and materials. We use technology to accomplish specific tasks in our daily life, which makes our daily life simple. We also use technology to innovate our capabilities, so that people can become an integral part of any technical system. Become. Next we will know in detail what is the technology and what is the type.

Technology is something that makes the tasks of human life faster and better for example, such as the invention of the pen, which made it easier for people to write ideas and ways of working. Later the printing machine was invented, which led to the printing of large-scale ideas into paper. And now paper printing made it easy to share information with others.The typewriter was later discovered, allowing people to type by typing instead of writing with a pen. Now documents were created easily and fast. In the end, computers were discovered which made the technology very high level.

It is very important to know that both technology and science are separate subjects, which work together to complete specific tasks or to solve a problem. Science refers to how and why things happen while technology focuses on making things.

We use technology in our daily lives to carry out tasks such as traffic, telecommunications, transportation, education, industry – to promote business and to accomplish many other tasks. Many businesses use man technology to manufacture their own products and services.And then within time they sell those products at good rates. For example, look at the Samsung and Apple company, which keeps launching mobile and other electronic items from time to time using high technology to maintain its dominance.

Types of Technology
Technology is divided into various parts based on work, which we use in daily life.

(1) Communication Technology –
A technology that is used to send data or information from one place to another is called Commmunication Technology, for example mobile, computer, email, fax etc. which are used to exchange information from one place to another. is done.

(2) Construction Technology-
The technology that is used in the construction industry is called Construction Technology. Construction industry here means the use of technology to build buildings and bridges. This technology is used to create 2D, 3D Angle like ground structure.

(3) Assistive Technology –
This technology is used for the handicapped such as wheelchairs. In school, this technology is used to make students with disabilities educative, such as people who are unable to type, run a computer with the help of speech recognition application.

(4) Medical Technology –
This technology is used in medical fields so that the patient is treated properly. This technology has reduced the number of patients using this technology in the developing look because the disease is known beforehand, such as a point of care testing machine, the doctor examines the patients, which is painless.

(5) Information Technology –
This technology is used to provide the right information to the people at the right time, such as banks, telecom companies use information technology to inform their customers simultaneously.

(6) Entertainment Technology
This technology is used in entertainment resources like video, music systems, animation etc. The field of entertainment is very wide and everyone entertains in their own way, entertainment technology is used to make videogames.

(7) Business Technology
This technology is used to run and grow the business. It includes both hardware and software technology
Can. Technology has a huge hand in the journey from a small business to a big business like a 3D printing machine is used to determine the size of the table and the chair in every office, to make the shape and design.

(8) Educational Technology
This technology is used to make the academic areas the best. The aim of this technology is to improve the performance of students by creating and managing various technical activities, assessment and resources in or outside the classroom such as Educational Material students get early , Help in learning new courses and encourage individual learning.

Advantages of Technology

Technology makes daily tasks easier. Technology is man-made so it can be used everywhere. Now know what are the benefits of technology-

1.Technology helps businesses grow, such as account software QuickBooks to audit the business.
2. Through mobile and internet, you can talk to the person sitting in any corner of the world.
3. Through computers, people can do their work sitting at home such as bill payment, money transfer, ticket booking etc.
4. Modern technology saves us a lot of time like washing machines – washing clothes, refrigerators, AC, Iron etc.5.Technology protects your data and information. Data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using database and remote storage facilities.
6.Small businesses are becoming successful with the help of technology. They are launching their new products and services through internet by understanding the needs of their consumers.

Disadvantages of Technology

If technology has brought benefits, then we are studying to take some losses as well.

1.Technology is not safe. Store data in remote databases poses a risk of hacking.
2.We are connected to modern technologies like hospitals, power grids, airports, rail and road transport systems, and military security etc. In such a situation, if the technology goes away overnight then man will become almost helpless.
3.Technology brings with it some kind of environmental problems and the devices used in it are toxic, or non-biogradable.
4.Most technologies require energy to run, such as electricity, fuel. These sources are being consumed fast.
5.Technology has led to higher unemployment for wages and general workers as their roles are being changed by computers, thus making huge profits for the company.

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