Who is the owner of Samsung company? Which country is this company from?

Who is the owner of Samsung company? Which country is this company from?

Let’s know today who is the owner of Samsung company, Samsung is the company of which country, if you use a mobile, then you must have heard about this company. You may have used Samsung phones even in your childhood or today you also have its smartphone because it is a veteran group making Samsung mobile phones and it is a very old group in this field. Speaking of the present time, today this company is considered the second largest tech company in the world after Apple. Even if you do not get its keypad phone now because today is the era of smartphones, Samsung is a very successful company in the field of smartphones.

Who owns Samsung company

Today, in most countries of the world, you will get to see its smartphone. In India too, many people use Samsung phones. Although many Chinese companies have knocked in India, due to which Samsung is getting a tough competition from Chinese smartphone companies, but whether it is a budget smartphone or an expensive phone, Samsung is doing very good business. By the way, if you think that it only makes smartphones, then you can surprise its history, why are we saying this, you will know in this post.

Who owns Samsung company
Let me tell you that Samsung is the owner of the company Lee Byung Chul. He is also considered the founder of the company because in the year 1938 he laid the foundation of his company. Lee Byung chul was born on 12 February 1910. He did his graduation and MBA in Economy. Just like Mukesh Ambani is considered the most successful businessman in our country, in the same way he was considered the most successful businessman of his time.

Today, Owner Lee Byung Chul has contributed a lot in the situation Samsung is in. However, Samsung’s owner Lee Byung Chul is no longer in this world. He died on 19 November 1987, but he has a very large family, ranging from his son to his grandson, so after his death, his family members are running the company.

Samsung is the company of which country?
Samsung founder Lee Byung Chul was born in South Korea and started his company in South Korea. In this case, Samsung is a South Korean company. Even though Samsung has become a multinational today, the company is still overseen from its headquarters in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Just as Reliance is the largest company in the country, Samsung is the largest group in South Korea. For your information, tell us that South Korea is a small country in East Asia, whose population is also very small, Samsung contributes 17 percent of this country’s GDP. If this company suffers losses, then the economy of this country can also be harmed.

History of samsung company
The company began with noodle making, flour and fish shipped to other countries. After this the company also worked in the life insurance and textile sector from 1950 to 1960 but did not get much success. The year 1969 then proved to be the turning point for the company when it ventured into the tech world.

And Samsung Electronics was launched, at this time the company worked in TV making and launched its first black and white TV in 1970. At this time there was a lot of demand for TV in the market, so their TV also got a good response. After this Samsung started making all electric products like fridge, AC, microwave.

Now the mobile era had started, in view of which the company started making computer parts with mobile phones and memory cards in 1980, since then the growth of the company’s product has increased. At present, there is no such technical area where the company does not have access to very good products in every field, from computers to smartphones.

Samsung’s presence in India
If you think that Samsung has been working in India for the past few years, then tell you that Samsung had set up a plant in Sriperumbudur, India in the year 1995. The company has more than 1.5 lakh retail outlets in India. Recently the company has built the world’s largest mobile manufacturing plant in India. The plant, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi and the President of South Korea, is spread over about 35 acres in Noida Sector 81.

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